Clock IoT connector - Installation for key-card/access control systems

Modified on: Wed, 21 Jun, 2023 at 8:24 AM


By integrating your access control system with Clock PMS+ you eliminate the need to switch systems in order to encode key-cards or generate mobile keys. Usually, you would need to initiate the encoding through the respective system, which usually is installed on a separate PC (that acts as a server). However, by connecting your access control system to Clock PMS+ you can initiate the encoding or generate the mobile key directly through Clock PMS+.


For the majority of key card systems, a Clock IoT device is required to allow communication between Clock PMS+ cloud servers and the local server of the key-card system.

Typically, the said systems have a local installation - the system is installed on a PC at the property which acts as a server and controls the encoders and door lock communication.

The Clock IoT connector is needed in this case to 'bridge' the communication between the Clock PMS+ cloud server and the local server.


In order for the communication between the Clock PMS+ cloud servers and the access control system to be possible, you must ensure that:

  • the access control system is fully installed and configured
  • the access control system is connected to your local (internet) network
  • the Clock IoT connector is constantly powered on and connected to the same local (internet) network as the access control system.

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