Clock PMS+ Update (23 May 2023)

Modified on: Thu, 25 May, 2023 at 9:55 AM


New features

BookDirect for Groups

A new module to BookDirect that targets groups of hotels. The new module allows your guests to search and review your hotels from a selected destination. Guests will easily and quickly get information on which hotels have rooms available and what the starting rates are at each. For hotels for which there are no rooms available, they will be able to check the Availability Calendar and find available days.

By offering all your hotels together instead of one by one, you give the guest the opportunity to choose the right price, and location, as well as choose an available hotel if another is booked. Enable BookDirect for Groups to improve conversion rates on your website.

Complete information about BookDirect for Groups.

New folios look and features

We've made significant changes to folios in order to improve operations with them. In the development of the folio screens, we have taken a new approach by separating the information to simplify the screens. Apart from the new screens being very easy to navigate, they also work faster than the old ones. Even opening a folio with a vast number of charges is as easy as a breeze. We have added many new features that significantly facilitate the processing of folios minimizing errors.

  • Correctional folios - an entirely new approach
    • We have implemented a new and easy mechanism for issuing partial correction folios - With the new approach, it is not necessary to calculate the value of the correction and manually post charges. What you need to do is fill in the amount of the correct price or the charge quantity, i.e. directly correct the document you have issued. The system itself will calculate the difference and create the respective correctional charges.
    • It is not possible to credit more than the invoiced amount. The system tracks all issued corrections to the folio and accumulates the changes. This way you cannot credit more than what has been invoiced.
  • New feature Folio re-opening - It is a new feature to ease your work if you find an error in a closed folio. The folio re-opening feature does not violate the reporting principles. It combines several operations to facilitate the process: Creates a new open folio, Copies all charges, Moves the payments, and Voids the old folio.
  • New option for 'moving' a payment when voiding a folio - Up till now, with the folio voiding, everything, including the payments was voided. In certain situations, however, the payment is correct and it should not be voided along with folio. This is why, similar to the new folio re-opening feature, we have added an option to specify if you wish to move the payment to another folio when voiding a folio.
  • New Approach to Working with Deposit Folios - we have implemented many changes to the work with deposits. We have applied a completely new concept separating them into two groups - Deposits and Advance Payments.
  • Customization of folio printouts - We have added multiple new settings to let you easily customize the layout of folio printouts. To change the settings, from the navigation menu, go to Settings->All Settings (new) and select "Folio Printing - defaults" in the "Documents" section.

For the moment, the old folio screens are opened by default. Please familiarize yourself with their organization and features so you can seamlessly transition to the new functionality. To open the new folio screens:

  • From a folio, click the button 'New' on the top right.
  • In a Booking - in the list with folio there is a 'New' button for each folio which will open it in the new screens.
  • Companies and Events - in the list with folio there is a 'New' button for each folio which will open it in the new screens.

Full information about the New Version of Folio Screens.

Other features

  • City Tax- reduced price for children - For more flexible pricing of the city tax for children we have added a new item 'reduced price per child'. This makes it easy to cover certain conditions - for example, children up to a certain age pay one city tax amount or are exempt from it, while all other children above that age pay another amount. The new item can be found in the new settings screen from Navigation - Settings menu -> All settings 'new' -> Charges and taxes -> Tourist tax. In the 'Age for Reduced Child Price' field - enter the maximum age to which this price will apply. For the seasons in the column 'Reduced price per child' enter the desired amount. If the field is blank then all children falling into this age group will be exempt from the tourist fee.

  • Verify hotel email - we now offer a new simplified procedure for replacing your hotel email. To do this, you need to enter the desired new hotel email in the 'Set hotel email' field from Navigation - Settings -> All settings 'new' -> Hotel -> Confirm hotel email. After entering the new email and selecting 'Send verification email' you will receive a confirmation email. In case you do not receive such an email you can request a new one from the 'Resend verification email' button. As soon as you have followed the instructions in the email you received, return to the application and click the 'Complete the change' button on the screen to fully complete the process. After completion, it is recommended to send a test email.
  • Guest List in Folios - We have added a new printout to the folios that gives a list of guests pertaining to a given folio. For each guest, their name, stay and the room they are staying in are present. The Guest List includes all guests from the reservation - both the primary guest and others. The booking contact person is not included. Guests are included for all reservations that have at least one charge on the folio. The new Guest List is accessible through the new folio screen - from the Print screen, select the top-right options button and select Guest List.

Improvements and New screens

  • New Settings screen - we've added a new and improved settings screen with better organization and search capabilities. You can find the new screen in Navigation - Settings -> All settings 'new' menu.
  • We have updated a large number of screens while maintaining their principle of operation.
  • Rooms Plan - new design and new filtering. In addition to the improved look, we've added filtering alternative grouping of rooms on the screen. In addition to the current grouping by room type, grouping by assigned Floor is now supported. If you wish to see all rooms of a particular type or floor filter the results from the Filter button in the top right corner.
  • New field in Room settings - 'Floor' - you can now separate the rooms according to the floors they are on. To assign a floor to a room, go to Navigation - Settings -> All settings 'new' -> Rooms -> Rooms. You could set a floor for each room individually from Edit or use the new Mass Edit functionality to set floors for many rooms at once. The floor information is used in the new improved version of 'Room Plan'.
  • My User - new and easier management of the current user accessible from the menu Settings -> All Settings 'new' -> Users -> My User.
  • Charge Control Report - new design and optimized mechanism.
  • Cashier closure - we've added quick links to Daisy fiscal printers and Dx fiscal printers.
  • Occupancy forecast - now reflects Cut-off days and Expiry Date of optional blocks.
  • RoomCloud, Availpro, and Siteminder channel manager - now support the options Split by Company and Split by Agent.


  • When duplicating a folio, the city tax information did not reflect correctly when using the 'city tax included in prices' mode.


  • For easier email monitoring - when the system fails to send emails related to a problematic Custom SMTP or Template (e.g. broken liquid parameters) you will now receive a notification on your hotel email with the subject 'CLOCK PMS EMAIL DELIVERY ERROR'


  • PMS_API - A new price_boundaries endpoint was added to the PMS_API. The endpoint exposes the Minimum/Maximum allowed rate prices (if)defined for the account (Settings -> All Settings -> Tax Settings -> Rate section)
  • PMS_API - the caterings endpoint now supports the creation of new catering entries as well as updating and deleting the existing ones.
  • Revenue Management powered by Atomize has a redesigned screen with a fresher new look!


  • INSEE export has now the virtual room properly excluded from all calculations to avoid any duplications.

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