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Clock PMS+ supports several modes of application of the set City Tax. The mode can be selected in the configuration of each rate and is automatically applied to the bookings for which the rate has been selected. Apart from the use of a manual price for a booking, you can also select a mode of the City Tax to be applied to the manual price.

Types of modes

To illustrate the method of work of each of the modes, we will examine the following example - price per room EUR 100, 10% City Tax and one-day stay.
  • No City Tax – no city tax will be applied to the room price.

  • Extra, Separate charge – the city tax is added to the room price as a separate charge to the guest folio.

  • Included, Joint charge – the city tax is included in the room price. The tax amount will be shown as an explanatory text for the room charge. In the 'Charge Modifier Report', you can track the amount of the calculated City Tax.

  • Included, Separate charge – the City Tax is included in the room price. In the guest folio, there are two rows - a room charge having a price from which the tax amount is deducted, and a charge of the City Tax. The total amount of the two charges is equal to the room price.

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