Clock PMS+ Update (27 Mar 2024)

Modified on: Wed, 27 Mar, 2024 at 11:56 AM


New Features

BookDirect - No Guarantee Required

To the existing Guarantee policy settings, we have added one more - "No Guarantee Required".

Up till now, to create such a Guarantee policy, you had to guarantee through a "Bank Transfer" and a zero-amount deposit. However, it was a bit ambiguous. Here is why we have introduced a new option to the Guarantee Policy - "No Guarantee Required". You can use such Guarantee Policies for individual bookings and for ones under Corporate contracts (with a Company/Agent/Block code). Here are more details:

  • As with the other Guarantee Policies, you have the option to enter a description and set a cancellation behaviour.
  • When booking through BookDirect at a rate with such a Guarantee Policy, the user does not see the Guarantee method section and can directly create their booking
  • The booking created with such a policy is marked as Guaranteed, as the guest is not required to do anything else.
  • If the user books several rooms - some of them requiring guaranteeing through a credit card, and others not requiring guaranteeing, the guest is required to provide credit card details or the respective payment only for the rooms requiring guaranteeing.
  • The changes do not apply to the old WRS version.

Folio Screen - All-in-one design and improvements

We have taken into consideration your preferences for the screen arrangement in its old version. We have made the necessary changes to let you see both the summary info, and the charges and payments. We believe that through layout, the new screen will provide the same info as the old one, while having clearer and more neat functionalities.

In addition to the new arrangement, we have also added the following new features:

  • QR code on the Customer Display. If you use the Customer Display, now you can show a QR code on it to be scanned by the guest, so that they can see the folio on their smartphone. To do so, click the QR icon button in the upper right part of the screen. If there is no such button, it is an indication that you have no Customer Display set.

  • Amount of the selected charges. Select the charges you are interested in and see their amount in the folio currency by opening the Selected menu.
  • In the addition of several charges one after another, the last selected date(s) or period is kept.
  • We have added the active pre-authorizations to the payment list, so that they can be visible on the main screen.

  • We have improved the screen for previewing the changes to one charge or the whole folio. It opens in a dialogue window and you don't need to leave the current screen of the folio to preview the changes.


  • A new user right - Company: Create and Edit name. Only users having been granted this right can create new companies, as well as edit the name or the branch of already existing ones. This right builds on the existing one - Company: View and Edit, while giving you greater control and reducing the duplication of company profiles. The right has been granted to all users who have the 'Company: View and Edit' right.
  • Worldline (SixPayments) cCredit. A new setting has been added to allow you to change the cCredit endpoint. You can find it on the new Settings screen.
  • Housekeeping Task Archive - a new version. We have also added a column called 'Updated at' that gives you more info of the last changes to the task - when and by whom the change has been performed.
  • New BETA versions are also available for RoomCloud, SmartHotel and Common Translations (Languages and Texts). We have added a Search feature to ease further your work with translations in the new and improved version of Common Translations (Languages and Texts).


  • Online Check-In - visualisation of the custom list of countries defined in the Guest Profile Fields is available
  • POS - users not having granted the Company: View and Edit right can no longer access the company list.


  • AppConnector - The convenient way to manage your integrations has now been extended to Clock POS. You can find it in the System's section of the settings screen (Management > Settings > System). Your Clock PMS+ User should have the "AppConnector: Enable / Disable integrations" right in order to access it!
  • LightSpeed POS K Series - The activation procedure of the end of day revenue transfer is now optimised to minimise the delay of the first data import!
  • MarketMan - The configuration screen of the interface has entirely been redesigned to match the new and fresher look of the system.

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