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You can set a few general settings needed for your work with a Clock POS account. You can find these settings by going to 'Management' - 'POS settings'.

Auto logout on order/bill close

If enabled:

  • The user will be logged out automatically when an order is made or a bill is closed.
  • The user will need to log in again in order to make a new order to close another bill

If disabled:

  • The user will not be logged out automatically upon closing an order/bill

Note: This feature is used if you have multiple users working at the same station. Such a setting will allow the waiter to be automatically logged out after closing an order/bill.

Ask for covers on new bill

If enabled:

  • With each new bill, a small window will pop up prompting you to enter the number of covers/customers for this bill. 

If disabled:

  • When opening a new bill, the system will not require the entry of the number of covers/customers
  • The number of clients can be added/edited on the charging screen, through the 'Covers' button.

You can use the 'Covers/Customers Report' to see the statistics of the number of covers/customers. For a certain period, by days or in total, it shows statistics of the closed folios: Total, Covers, Folios, Amount Per Cover, Amount Per Folio/Bill, Average stay (per folio/bill).

Bar mode

You can use the Bar Mode feature of Clock POS to quickly register sales at the bar or other places with only a few or no open bills.

Bar Mode Functionality

The Bar mode has the following functionality

  • Click on a table of your choosing on the Tables screen, post charges, and close the folio.
  • Instead of being redirected to the Tables screen, a new folio is instantly opened on the Menu screen for a next bill
  • If you still need to go to the Tables screen, you can simply click the Back button.

  • The setting is PER STATION, i.e. if activated at the bar in the restaurant, only the devices at the bar will work under this mode, the rest will operate under the normal mode.
  • The Bar mode will not work if you have a 'Default closed folio document type' selected in Management -> Tax Settings.

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