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We have created a special Clock PMS+ integration to let you automatically send invoices in an XML format to the Italian Tax Authorities in accordance with the new regulations in Italy.

  • The Italian tax authorities prefer to accept XML invoices with the rounding option for the tax in Clock PMS+ set to "Rounding - total". To check and possibly change your tax rounding option, please go to 'Other' - 'Settings'- 'Tax settings' in Clock PMS+. If you have any questions about the tax settings, please contact the Clock Support Team.
  • Only invoices issued to companies can be exported through our integration. For more info, please contact our the Clock Support Team.

The configuration of the export are done in the Navigation menu > Reports > All reports > Localizations > Italy Invoice Export Config (Italy group) > Settings. The configurations are as follows:

PEC Settings

Except for the Tax address field, you will need to contact you PEC provider to get the necessary details and PEC email to fill in the fields of the PEC settings.

Note: Please use SMTP settings, not POP3. If necessary, please contact your PEC email provider to give you the necessary SMTP settings.
Important: Please contact your PEC email provider and ask to remove any IP or geographical restrictions for the SMTP service. Otherwise the messages will not be send successfully from Clock PMS+.

Tax Address

Send a message to the general tax agency email address at . They will reply with an email address to which invoices should be sent. Please use your mailbox to receive the invoice submission email address and paste it here once you have it.

Export Document Settings

Please select which document types should be exported electronically.

Issuer Settings

Please fill in your company details in the fields in this section.

Next XML Number Suffix - Before activating the connection, you'll need to check the number of the last electronic invoice issued and set the next consecutive number in this field, so that you can continue the existing numbering of your electronic invoices in the Italy Invoice Export integration

Important: Please note that the XML Number Suffix needs to be unique for every property (PMS Account). If you are a multi-property business, please make sure that you enter Numbers that cannot overlap with the Suffix of another property you have. For example, if you set the Suffix for 'Hotel 1' to be 1, set the number of 'Hotel 2' to be 20000. These Suffixes should also not overlap with Suffixes of invoices that you issue from other parts of your business (if such).  

Customer settings

SDI Code Field

Each company profile to which and Invoice is issued needs to have the so called SDI number filled in. Please choose the company field where you store the SDI number in the  “SDI Code Filed” option from the field's drop-down menu. In case you don't have such a field, please use "+New custom field" option to create a new one which will be automatically selected.

Note: You will need to edit the company profiles and fill in the companies SDI number in thе custom field.

VAT Payment Method Field

VAT payment method is a mandatory option for all electronic invoices. Please select or create a company custom field where you will specify which companies will directly pay the VAT to you and which are authorized to use the 'Split Payment' option.

The field must have a Value list with the bellow content so you can select the appropriate option:

I: immediata
D: differita
S: scissione pagamenti (split payment)

Both options can be selected for already created company profiles (by editing them) or during the creation of a new company profile.

Note: Both the SDI code and the VAT payment method fields contain important information. Once configured please do not make any changes to those custom fields in 'Other' – 'Settings' - 'Company fields'. Only this way, we can ensure that the export will work correctly.

Payment Settings

Here you can select the government codes for the payment types in your Clock PMS+ account.

Accounts Receivable

It shows what payment type will be used if part of the invoice (or the entire invoice) is not paid.

Note: We will only send the invoices after it is created. If the invoice is paid afterwards we will not resend it again.

Default Payment Type

The payment type that will be used if you use a payment type / sub-type for which you haven't specified a government payment code.

Payment Type Mapping

You can choose a government payment code for each payment type / sub-type you have in Clock PMS+.

Note: If you create new payment sub-types after you complete the settings they will use the default payment type unless you assign a specific government payment code after they are created.
Important: Once done open the settings page and click on the Activate button on the top.

Italy Export Log

In order to check the status of each sent invoice, please to the Navigation menu > Reports > All reports > Localizations > Italy Invoice Export Config (Italy group)

Note: The documents will be exported shortly after they are closed. If there is an issue with any of the documents it will be shown here and once the issue is resolved you will be able to manually send it. Please contact the support team if there are any errors.

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