How to create a Company profile

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Creating ‘Company’ profiles in Clock PMS+

To create a profile, navigate to menu Company -> New company.

The next screen will present the profile creation form from where you can complete all relevant details. We will start with the more basic information.

  • Name (1) - enter name of the company. This is the only required field to create a profile.
  • Branch (2) - enter ‘Branch’ if this particular profile is related to a specific ‘branch’ of the company. Optional field.
  • VAT number (3) - enter company/VAT number. If it is an EU company, you can enter the company VAT number and do a search which will load the company data available in the EU VAT register.  Optional field.
  • Second ID (4) - field to enter a second ID number of the company (if available).  Optional field.
  • IATA Number (5) - enter the IATA number of the company. More info can be found HERE. Optional field.
  • Channel manager search code (6) - field to enter additional code for this company. More info can be found HERE. Optional field.
  • Address fields (7) - enter address of the company. Will be shown on the invoice. Optional fields.
  • Person Name (8) - enter the name of a person from the company. Will be shown on the invoice. Optional field.
  • Additional billing info (9) - enter additional information. Will be shown on the invoice. Optional field.
  • Accept charge transfers  (10) - select if you will allow transfers of charges to this company profile. If left unselected, charge transfers towards this company will not be allowed.
  • Payment term - days (11) - enter term for payment of an issued invoice. It will override the default account level setting (if applied). Once an invoice is issued with an outstanding balance, a ‘deadline’ date for payment will be indicated on the invoice. Optional field.

Additional Fields

Along with the basic information about the company, there are several additional fields for more information or enabling more functionality. All fields are optional.

  • Commission (1) - enter the commission % payable to this company profile and select the revenue groups based on which the commission amount will be calculated. More information about commissions can be found HERE.
  • Credit Limit (2) - enter a credit limit amount agreed with this company. Please note that this is simply an indication and it won’t notify you if the credit of this company has gone over the limit.
  • Notes (3) - enter notes about this company which will be clearly visible in the profile or when the company is selected in a booking.

  • Custom Fields (4) - any custom company fields that you have created will be listed in this section and you can enter respective information. 
  • Default Folio (5) - select a Default folio for the auto-transfer option during booking creation. More info can be found HERE.
  • WRS (6) - enter the BookDirect access code for this company and how this profile will be treated - as ‘Agent’ in the booking or as ‘Company’. More information available HERE.
  • Marketing Elements (7) - select marketing elements to be attached to this profile. Bookings that have this profile selected in them will automatically inherit those values, keeping in mind the hierarchy/priority explained HERE.

Contact info/Contact Persons

Apart from the information about the company itself, you can also enter information about individuals from that company. These are the Contact Info and Contact Person fields.

  • Contact info - enter the information of a person from the company. These are mainly reference fields and do not entail additional functionality. The information does not create a person/’guest’ profile.
  • Contact Persons - add one or several contact persons for this company by selecting from existing person/’guest’ profiles or by creating new ones. Having Contact persons in the company will enable you to easily select this contact person in a booking once the company is attached. Furthermore, contact persons attached to a company will be offered on the BookDirect as well if you provide the company with access to it.  A contact person of a company can be used as a 'Contact person' or 'Guest' on the  BookDirect. More information about the functionality behind contact persons in a booking can be found HERE.

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