Clock PMS+ Update (15 Mar 2023)

Modified on: Wed, 15 Mar, 2023 at 2:14 PM


New Features

  • Company Booking Charges by Reference Report - new 'Mass update' option. Now you can set the 'Transfer to Company/Agent folio' option and the respective Transfer folio for multiple bookings directly through the Company Booking Charges by Reference Report. This way you can easily and quickly update your already existing bookings. After generating the results in the report  through the 'Mass update' (2) button, specify the Transfer folio that will be added to all selected bookings of the list (1). Rate charges (overnight stays and packages) that are in open folios will automatically be transferred to  the selected folio. If necessary, you can stop the process through the 'STOP' (3) button. This way you stop the changes to all bookings that haven't been updated yet.


  • Company Booking Charges by Folios Report - we have added a filter by reference date and amount total.
  • Cashier Closure - a new optimised version that is accessible through the Navigation bar (Other functionalities->Cashier Closures):
    • NEW - in the Payment Total table, we have added a breakdown by payment subtype;
    • The screen also has a new layout:
      • User Closure tab - view by user with the option to preview the report prior to the actual closure;
      • Pending/Current tab - overview of all pending / current closures. You could preview them and then close the selected ones;
      • Past Closures tab - a list of all closures so far.
  • SynXis settings - for your convenience, in the Room type/Rate tab, we have added a search by rate's name and ID for rate mappings.


  • TourX export screen has been redesigned and now it loads faster and is more convenient to use.

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