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New Features

Housekeeping and ОOS type

To be able to more effectively manage the housekeeping operations at your hotel, we have added an option for the room OOS statuses to be taken into consideration when creating housekeeping tasks.

This feature requires the use of a Housekeeping Activity Scheme. If you still use the old organisation of tasks, under which rooms are marked as dirty with the booking departure, you will not be able to use the new feature.

Here are the options for the new housekeeping schemes:

Create one or more new schemes and select which room types they will apply to. What's new here is that each scheme can be connected to one or more OOS statuses. This way you can define various tasks of a different frequency for each OOS status.

Application examples:

  • If you have a "Mould Remediation" OOS status, you can create a scheme for it which will have daily room mould remediation tasks over the course of several days.
  • For the Smoke Smell Elimination ОOS status, you can have a special scheme of tasks to be performed only on the first day of the block.
  • For all rooms, stopped for sale you can have a task requiring a simple check of the room prior to the last day of the OOS status.

For detailed planning of each OOS type, define all OOS statuses, schemes and related tasks that you need. The housekeeping schemes and the related tasks operate the same way as with the bookings. The only difference to which you need to pay more attention is the departure date.

  • On Departure -  in contrast to bookings, for OOS statuses, it is the date following the last date of the OOS status. If the period of the OOS status  01 January - 03 January, then the task marked "On Departure" will be generated on 04 January. In this case, the room will become free/dirty on 4 January. In the rest of the cases, the feature behaviour is similar to the ones related to bookings.
  • On Arrival - the task will be generated for the start date of the OOS status.
  • Repeat every N days - the task will be generated depending on the OOS status period for the specific room and the set number of days.

The new housekeeping schemes are also taken into account in forecasting (Housekeeping Forecast report) to better plan the number of housekeepers you will need.  


Tour Operator Contracts

We have made some improvements to the management module of Tour Operator Contracts. Here are the details:

  • Discounts - a new "In Hotel" filter. The discount is applied only to bookings having at least one night in the selected periods.
  • Discounts - a new “Apply to” filter. This option works in a different way compared to the rest of the period filters. Through “Arrivals” and “In Hotel” filters you can specify for which bookings the discount to be activated. Through the "Apply to" option you can specify to which nights of the stay of these bookings the discount to be applied. Only the nights falling in the period are subject to price reduction.
  •  Free nights - a new "In Hotel" filter. It operates similarly to the discount filter showing the bookings having at least one night in the period.
  • Specific Accommodations - multiple room types for one row. Before each row referred to only one room type. Now you can specify that the row is valid for multiple different room types. This way the number of single type rows entered will be reduced.
  • Specific Accommodations - a new “Text”field. You can use it to make the texts of charges clearer. What you enter in the field will be included in the charge descriptions.
  • We have simplified charge texts to make them clearer and easier to read. 
  • We have changed the folio print layout - "By Bookings". The information is better arranged and easier to read. 


  • Adyen v2 - improvements related to the iFrame integration of DropIN.
  • On the generation of cancellation policy charges under the "Tax included in prices" tax mode,  taxes were accumulated (one coming from the gross prices and another - from the tax on the charge itself).
  • Events - if there were voided folios present in an event, it was not possible to change the event's company.


Gastranovi POS - a default payment has been added to the settings of Gastronovi. The default payment lets you successfully process payments not yet set up in the interface and avoid disruptions in its work.

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