Tags - Using Tags, Favourite and Company Tags

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Use tags in each rate to help you find and edit a group of rates easier. For example, you could use a 'Base' tag for all the base rates that are most edited, or a 'Promo' tag for all the current promotions. This will enable you to quickly find and open the group of promotions or the most edited rates only. Furthermore, Tags are used to group company rates together to be easily added to a company contract.

Applying Tags

You can add tags for each rate through the 'Marketing & Tags' tab on the rate edit screen. If the tag that you want to select for a rate does not exist, click the '+' button to create the tag. Afterwards, simply select if from the dropdown menu. You can select several tags for a rate.

Note: The rate tags are shared among all your Clock PMS+ accounts making it easier to manage multiple properties.


By using tags in rates you enable the option to quickly search and load rates that contain the selected tag/s. To run such a search, open the search screen and use the 'Tag' tab to this end.

Favourite Tags

We've added the option to set 'Favourite' tags. By doing this, you will see the tag on the initial page of the rate management screen and allow you to immediately load the rates containing the tag. To have a tag attached to the initial page, it needs to have the '#' symbol in front - e.g. #standart.

Company Tags

Last but not least, the Tags are extremely handy when it comes to company rates - rates based on a contract or agreement you have with a company. You can group those company rates together by using a tag and easily link the rates with the company through the Company contract. This is turn will enable users to see only rates linked to the respective company when creating a booking or allow the company to create bookings through BookDirect on those specific rates.

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