Multiple Accounts (Properties, Restaurants)

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Clock applications (Clock PMS+ and Clock POS) support multiple accounts in one subscription, thus providing companies, enterprises and chains with:

  • Single user login and centralized user management;
  • Fast access to authorized accounts;
  • Centralized reporting;
  • Centralized guest profile database;
  • Single company database;
  • Single-point currency exchange rates management;

Adding New Accounts

Given that Clock PMS+ pricing is based on the accounts in the subscription, users of the system cannot add new accounts themselves. If you need an additional property to your subscription, you need to contact the CLock PMS+ sales department. After agreeing on the additional fees and signing the respective contracts, our representative will add an additional property with the agreed parameters under your subscription.

Account Access

If you have multiple accounts, you can access them from the 'All accounts' screen. In the home screen select 'All accounts' through the 'key' button on the top right.

You will see them divided into two pages arranged by types: Hotels and Restaurants. For better visualisation, each property is shown through its Hotel icon. Over the list, you have a convenient search by name and location of the property (1), a handy instrument for subscribers having multiple accounts. 

To start working with a given establishment, simply click on its name.


  • You can open an account in a new browser tab ('right click'/'Alt menu' - 'open in a new tab'), and work simultaneously in multiple accounts.
  • The last account used is remembered and you are redirected directly to it at your next login.

User Access to the New Accounts

Upon the addition of a new account to the subscription, a new account can be accessed ONLY by the master user. To give access to other users and administrators:

  • Log in as a master user;
  • Select an account in the 'All accounts' screen;
  • From the navigation menu, select Settings->Users;
  • Find the desired user and select 'Edit';
  • In the 'Account Access&Rights' tab select the accounts you want to grant access to;
  • Use 'All' / 'None' buttons for fast selection of accounts. Save.

How to Remove an Account from the Subscription

If you do not need a given account any more, you can request our Support Team to deactivate it. To do so: 

We will contact you with further details about the procedure.

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