Creating Menu Items

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Use Menu items in Clock POS for all the dishes and drinks you sell at your restaurant, bar, bistro, cafeteria, etc. Any dish and drink listed in your printed menus and wine lists, etc. should appear as a menu item in Clock POS.

How to create

To set up your menu items in Clock POS, go to Management -> Menu items. On this screen, you’ll find three different options for adding your menu items:

Creating a single item

To create a single menu item simply click the 'Create item' button and enter the information.

  • Item (1) - Enter the name of the item in the 'Item' field. This name will appear on the posting screen, printouts, and reports.
  • Revenue Group (2) and Revenue Category (3) - key info for your reports. Select to which revenue group and (optionally) revenue category the sales of this item will be allocated.
  • Menu groups (4) - specify a menu item’s group for easier finding on the posting screen. Simply select a 'Menu Group' from the list or if not available in the list, type it down and once the item is created, the new menu group will also be created. You can later edit the menu group (change the color, add an icon) through the Menu Group settings.

  • Price (5), Currency (6), and Tax % (7) - are not mandatory but when left empty, they will be required when posting the item. This way you can define 'open' price menu items.
  • Tax code (8) - leave empty.
  • Kitchen (9) - refers to which kitchen printer and kitchen monitor the order to be sent. Optional.
  • Inventory code (10) - is an additional field for reporting or data export purposes. Optional.
  • Default order group (11) - select the default order group for this menu item (if any). Optional.
  • Colour (12) - select a colour for this menu item in which the item will be shown in the menu groups. Optional.

Creating multiple items

To create several items that have common information click the 'Create multiple items' button. Please note that only item names, prices, inventory codes, sort orders, and colours can be different for the various items. All other information that you can enter (e.g. Revenue group and revenue category) will be the same for all menu items that you create.

Import from file

You have the option to do a bulk import of menu items through an import file. To do so, press the 'Import from file' button. On the next screen, you will be able to download the sample file (1) and replace the sample data with your data.

Once you have entered your menu item information in the file, upload it using 'Choose file' option and run a consistency test by selecting 'Test only' (2) and then the 'Import' button. If there are no errors presented, upload the file again and use the 'Import' button straight away.

Note: When using the file, make sure you use a spreadsheet application with 'UTF-8' CHARACTER ENCODING. The file itself needs to be comma separated and using text delimiter: ".

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