Applying and using Bonus codes, Badge and Included Discount %

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Leverage the Web Reservation Systems` flexibility by controlling access to special rates and prices through the usage of various codes.

Important: All codes are CASE and SYMBOL sensitive.

Bonus codes

Bonus codes are the most straightforward tool to use in order to control access to special rates/prices.

Important: When using bonus codes, you are simply attaching a code to an existing rate in order to hide it from the general public. The code itself does not modify the price. You must first create the rate with its special conditions and (usually) discounted price and only then attach a code to it.

Make sure you have enabled the 'Bonus code' field in the BookDirect settings. More info HERE.

To create a bonus code and attach it to a rate navigate to menu Settings-> All Settings-> Rate Plan. Load the rates for which you want to apply a Bonus Code, edit them and from column 'WRS' you can apply the bonus code.

Note: A rate must be published on the BookDirect. Simply attaching a code to a rate will not publish it.

Note: You can use the same code for many rates, but also one rate can have several codes (separated by comma).

Once saved, the rate will be hidden to the general public and only guests who enter the bonus code on the first step will see the rate, which will be indicated by a tag (as seen below).

Please note that guests will still see all other rates compatible with their search and not only the rate hidden behind the code.

You can use the bonus codes for various needs - offer promotional rates with discounted prices; have special rates and prices for loyal guests; offer a bonus code for a discount in your social media campaigns and others.


Along with a bonus code, you can also apply a 'Badge' to the rate. The badge is visible next to the name of the rate. You can apply badges to any of the rates that are published to the BookDirect, not only to ones hidden behind a Bonus code.

Included Discount %

The "Included Discount %" field allows you to better communicate the discount to the customer that you have set in the price and boost your sales through BookDirect.

For each rate, you can specify the amount of the included discount on your standard prices. The discount amount set does not affect the calculation of the price in the rate, but refers to the visualisation of the "old" price.

Example: If your rate price is EUR 90 and you enter 10% into the field, then the price will not change and will remain EUR 90. The discount set in the "Included Discount %" field will be used for the calculation of the "Old price" that will be shown as a strikethrough amount. The customers will see the "old" strikethrough price of EUR 100, the rate price of EUR 90 and the 10% discount.

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