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Modified on: Fri, 19 Jan, 2024 at 8:26 AM


You can access the 'My User' section from menu Settings -> My User. Once you access the section, you can:

  • Change your password (1)
  • Activate Multi-factor Authentication (2) - MFA is recommended for higher security and required for some (critical) actions in the system - change certain settings; create and edit users; view full CC details of non-tokenized cards. Read more about MFA here.
  • Select Language (3) - you can set your Clock PMS+ to be in one of the supported languages.
  • Add a photo (4) - you can add an image for your user which is visible on the PMS+ home screen (dashboard).
  • To-Do Channels (5) - select which To-Do channels your user will have access to. Read more about them here.

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