User Rights for Booking Operations

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Operations with bookings, and the necessary combination of user rights


Additional options
User rights

Booking creation/edit

  • Booking: Create or Edit
  • Charges: Create (if there is a rate/price set to the booking

In case of a selected company transfer option:

  • Transfer to Company/Agent folio
  • Transfer to default Company/Agent folio
  • Charges: Transfer

Past period bookings

  • Booking: Add or delete past nights

Booking edit

  • Booking: Create or Edit

Rate change

  • Charges: Edit and Void
  • Charges: Edit print text

Setup/removal of a manual price

  • Charges: Edit and Void
  • Booking: Set manual price

Change to the number of guests and adults

If it is an occupancy-based rate

  • Charges: Edit and Void

Setup of Checkout transfer folio

  • Booking: Checkout with Outstanding folio balance

Stay extension

  • Charges: Create

Stay shortening

  • Booking: Create or Edit

In case of an open folio

  • Charges: Edit and Void

In case of a closed folio

  • Charges: Create

Booking voiding

  • Booking: Create or Edit

Cancellation policy activation

If the booking has a guarantee policy linked to a cancellation policy, you may be required additional user rights to complete all actions set in the cancellation policy.

Note: If some of the necessary rights are missing, only the possible actions will be completed. Still the booking will be cancelled.
  • Charges: Edit and Void- if it is set for the existing booking folio charges to be voided with the booking cancellation;
  • Charges: Create - if a fee is set to be charged with the cancellation;
  • Folio: Close - if the folio is configured to be automatically closed;
  • Folio: Close folio with outstanding balance - if upon closing a folio, the amount of payments is not equal to the charges;

Room allocation

Including all operations with rooms - moving, locking/unlocking room change

  • Booking: Create or Edit

Booking sharing among several bookings

  • Room sharing

Addition of guest registration cards

It is not required to have booking change rights.

Booking checkout

  • Booking: Create or Edit

Prior to the date of departure

  • Booking: Early Checkout

In case of selected Split by Company/Agent and Checkout transfer folio

  • Charges: Transfer

A booking with unpaid folio

  • Booking: Checkout with Outstanding folio balance

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