Clock PMS+ Update (21 Sep 2022)

Modified on: Thu, 29 Sep, 2022 at 12:15 PM


New features

BookDirect (WRS v2)

The long-awaited new version of the Web Reservation System is now available. We are happy to introduce BookDirect (WRS v2). In the development of BookDirect, we have taken a 'mobile first' approach, where the design of the app has been created with the idea that the main mass of users are mobile users. Research and statistics clearly show that online channels are starting to dominate booking creation and we strongly believe that BookDirect will be primarily used via mobile. However, we haven't forgotten PC users either, with the engine adapting precisely to all screen sizes, regardless of device type.

Full details of all supported features and settings can be found HERE.

New tool for static text translation

We have added a new tool for translating labels and other static texts in the app. Translations made are per subscription, i.e. affect all accounts in it. This way you can translate BookDirect labels, for example, only once instead of for each account separately. To access it:

  • From the navigation select Settings-> App Translations
  • Choose from which language (e.g. 'English') and to which language you will translate (the languages added in your subscription accounts).
  • choose which app you want to translate, for example 'BookDirect'.
  • Click on 'Show Translations'.
  • You can search by:
    • Translation status (1) - all, Translated or Untranslated texts.;
    • Modification period (2) - searches by date of last change;
    • Search by key (3) - searches by a specific, unique key of the translation.;
    • Search by translation (4)- searches by text of the translation for both selected languages.;
  • The table of texts is paginated. You can navigate between pages using the navigation buttons (6) in the bottom right corner.
  • Fill in the translations in the right column. The translations will not be lost when navigating between pages and when searching.
  • When you are done with all the translations, press the save button (5) in the upper right corner.

Translations are currently supported for the Book Direct, Online Check In and Event Confirmation Apps.


  • Payments Autopilot - we added a tool to automate the release process of pre-authorizations. Pre-authorizations associated with reservations can be released automatically from the system, a few days after the departure of the reservation. To determine the number of these days, from the navigation menu select Settings->All Settings->Payment Autopilot Tasks, fill in the appropriate number of days in the 'Booking preauth release days offset' field.
Example: If you fill in 0, the pre-authorisations will be released immediately after check-out the reservation. If you fill in 1 or more, they will be released after the appropriate number of days from the date and time the reservation was checked-out.

If you leave the field blank, you will turn off the automatic release.

Important: The automatic release is triggered only in cases that the reservation has no obligations (all folios are paid). If any error occurs during automatic release, a ToDo task will be created for the booking in the 'Payments' channel.
  • SixPayments - added new mode - 'Client present transactions force sca'. When enabled, 'Force 3D' is initiated for all transactions performed by the client. 
  • Bookings - Advanced Search - we have added a new feature to change the stay of multiple reservations at once. The function is invoked via the 'Change Stay' button. It is recommended not to process more than 50 reservations at once.


  • The search for a new company by VAT number has been restored.
  • Eliminated a conflict that in some cases caused an error when changing the view or language of folios.   
  • Overbook was incorrectly reported if a reservation was created to a block and at the same time there was zero availability for the corresponding room type.
  • In some cases, notification letters to guests that their room had been cleaned were not sent. 
  • Siteminder/OTA - Removed a conflict when importing reservations, which was caused by the presence of additional services with long names.
  • ID Processor - The guest language field is no longer populated. 


  • Lightspeed (L-Series) - Improved how Clock POS accounts are selected for accrual transfer at daily close.
  • LightSpeed (K-series) - Improved how Clock POS accounts are selected for accrual transfer at daily close.
  • API  (pms_api) - we added a endpoint allowing extraction of data for blocks.


  • STR export - Added new setting 'Marketing segment for complimentary and house use bookings'. The occupancy associated with the configured marketing segments will be deducted from the rooms sold data sent to STR. You can configure it by selecting Reports->All Reports->Data Export->STR Export->Settings.

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