Clock IoT connector - Installation for Elavon payment terminal

Modified on: Wed, 21 Jun, 2023 at 8:24 AM


By integrating your Elavon payment terminal with Clock PMS+ and/or Clock POS, you will be able to initiate transactions directly through the folio/bill and have the successful payment automatically posted once processed.


The Clock IoT connector is needed in this case to 'bridge' the communication between the Clock PMS+ and Elavons` cloud servers, consequently, the terminal.


In order for Clock PMS+ to be able to communicate with the Elavon terminal, you must ensure that:

  • the terminal is configured and connected to your local (internet) network
  • the Clock IoT connector is constantly powered on and connected to the same local (internet) network as the terminal.
  • add the terminal to your Clock PMS+/POS account, following the guidelines explained HERE.

Note: A single Clock IoT connector can communicate with many Elavon terminals.

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