User Creation for System Configuration

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Already having access to the Clock PMS+ platform, you have one more step before starting the system configuration. It is very important to create one or more users that can be used in the process of onboarding and further work with the system. You should NEVER provide the password of the subscription user  and shouldn't use it for configurations and operating work in the system. If you incidentally lock it (in the event of multiple unsuccessful login attempts), no other user can restore the access of the subscription user prior to the expiration of the necessary period for its automatic unlocking. Please use this user for administrative purposes only!

User creation

To create a new user, follow these steps:

  • From the Navigation menu, go to Settings->All Settings->Users->Users;
  • Click the “+” button in the upper right corner and fill in the fields:

User section

  • User: The username must be unique. It is recommended to use stronger (longer and unusual) usernames for better protection. It cannot be changed after the user creation. 
  • Password and Confirm password:  It is recommended to use stronger (longer and unusual) passwords for better protection.
  • Full name: Full personal name. Optional. 
  • Password Policy - the default policy is selected. More info on its application can be found in  Password Policy.
  • E-mail: Optional. 
  • Language: The language of the user interface for this user. 
  • Network access: 
    • Unrestricted -  The user can access Clock PMS+/POS from any network (location).
    • Trusted only - The user can access  Clock PMS+/POS only through a network added to the 'Trusted networks' list (more details can be found  Here).
  • Auto Logout Idle Minutes: The user will automatically be logged out if no action is taken for the selected time frame. The maximum value is 720. 

Account access&Rights

Go to the 'Account access&Rights' tab.

Grant Account Access

Tick the checkboxes of all accounts to which the user will have access to.

Grant Rights

The rights are divided in accordance with their purpose into several groups - Subscription, Folios, POS, PMS. For the sake of the initial configuration, you will need a user with full access to the system. To quickly activate the rights, use the 'Select All' button at the beginning of each group.

Upon completing the configuration, save the settings for the new user.


Upon logging in to the system with the new user, you can also activate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is required, if you wish for the user to have access to:

  • Credit card data; 
  • Creation and edit of users and user groups;
  • Setup of payment providers;
  • Change to the email address of the owner of the account and the email address of the hotel;

Find more info about the setup of the users in the system.

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