Creating Order Groups

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The order groups allow you to arrange the ordered items on the integrated kitchen monitor and/or in the kitchen receipt printouts from the Epson printers to better suit your needs.

How to Create

To set up the order groups, go to Management -> Order groups. Each order group needs to be entered on a separate line:

Order groups in Clock POS

Then they are shown in alphabetical order. If you would like to have a specific arrangement of these groups, you will need to number them (the first order group will start with 1. followed by the group name, the second with 2., etc…).

How to select a default order group

To do so, go to Management -> Menu items. Open the edit screen for the selected item and make your selection from the drop-down menu of the ‘Default order group’ field.

Order groups in Clock POS

Though you may have changed the name of a default order group, the related menu items will keep appearing with the old name of this group, unless this group is reselected, now with its new name, from the edit screen of the respective items.

Use of order groups

The pictures below show how the order groups appear on kitchen receipt printouts and monitors:

  • A kitchen order on the integrated kitchen monitor:

Order groups in Clock POS

  • A kitchen receipt printout for the same kitchen order:

Order groups in Clock POS

Default and custom order groups

Each menu item can have a default order group specified. In making an order, however, the waiter can specify a custom order group for each item and overwrite the default one. This way the kitchen can be instructed that certain items are to be prepared and served with an item from another group. Please check THIS article for guidelines on how to set a custom order group for an item.

Example: A guest likes to have only a dessert, however, it needs to be prepared together with the starters of the other guest/s at the table. 

The above example will be visualized in the following way:

  • On the integrated kitchen monitor:

Order groups in Clock POS

  • On the kitchen receipt printout:

Order groups in Clock POS

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