Revenue Groups and Categories

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Revenue groups and categories are used in Clock PMS+ to give you more detailed reports and a clearer picture of the sources of your revenue for the purposes of their better optimization. Their usage, and moreover, robust and accurate usage is extremely important not only for optimization, but also for revenue analyses, accounting exports and calculation of KPI's.

Important: Clock PMS+ does not allow posting of charges that do not have at least a Revenue Group.

In general, Revenue Groups and Categories can be considered as your 'Chart of accounts' and can be a duplicate of your actual accounting Chart of account. This will ease recording revenue in your accounting software, and furthermore, certain accounting interfaces use the Revenue Groups and Categories (instead of GL codes) for the mapping.

Revenue groups

The Revenue groups are fixed (Rooms, Packages, F&B, Extra, City Tax, Other, Discount, Pre-invoiced Deposit and Cancellation Fee) and cannot be edited/deleted/new ones added. They can be considered as a more 'broad' grouping of your revenue. Here are some specifics:

  • The 'Rooms' and 'Packages' revenue group are used for registering room charges. Furthermore, revenue in those groups is used for calculation of some KPI as ADR, RevPar, etc.
  • The 'City Tax' revenue group is used for charges like City Tax, Resort Tax, etc.
  • The 'Pre-invoiced Deposit' revenue group is used for charges in deposit folios/invoices (a deposit invoice is a special type of folio/invoice).
  • The 'F&B', 'Extra' and 'Other' revenue groups can be used for classifying all other services (Meals, mini bar items, parking, spa, etc.).
  • The 'Discount' revenue group is used for the automatically generated charges when the discount option is used in the folios.
  • The 'Cancellation Fee' revenue group is used for the automatically generated charges if you use an automated cancellation fee (when a booking is cancelled).

Revenue categories

Adding categories to each group can make your reports more detailed and will break down the more 'broad' group revenue into more granulated categories.


To add a category:

  • Navigate to menu Settings->All Settings->Charges & Taxes->Revenue Category.
  • Click on the '+' button.
  • Enter the name of the category and the related revenue group.

Note: Categories cannot be edited after they were created. If you've made a mistake, delete the Category and create it again with the correct information.


The revenue groups and categories are selected for each charge. You can select them when posting manually a charge to a folio or set them up in the Charge Templates:

  • Navigate to Settings->All Settings->Charges & Taxes->Charge templates
  • Click on the '+' button or edit an already existing charge.
  • Select a revenue group.
  • Select a revenue category (the list will be generated based on the categories created for the corresponding revenue group).

Note: If you edit the revenue group and/or category of an existing charge template the change will not be applied to the charges that have already been posted. If you want those added charges to be with the new values please edit them individually in the folios.


Various reports in the system can show you the revenue based on the Revenue Groups and Categories.

  • Navigate to menu Reports
  • Some of the reports have options to filter the result either by revenue group, revenue category or both (e.g. the 'Charge Summary Report' and 'Charge Segmentation Report')
  • Some of the reports show the revenue groups and categories by default (e.g. the 'Closed Folios Summary Report')

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