Folio Printing settings

Modified on: Wed, 4 Oct, 2023 at 12:34 PM


Clock PMS+  allows you to customise the printouts of your documents. We have provided a setting through which you can easily change the layout of the standard printouts. You can access these settings from Settings->All Settings->Documents->Folio printing - defaults.

You make the following settings:

  • Default print view (1) - select which of the standard forms to be used by default when printing a document; 
  • Show unit price in the folio printout (2) - select if the unit price of services is to be shown in the Details view. You can choose a net or gross unit price;
  • Folio Print Template (3) - allows you to select a custom folio print template to be automatically used for the folios. Please note that this applies only to the bookings created after the current change in the Folio Print Template field. You can find more details in the Folio Print Templates article.
  • Margins (4) -  these settings allows you to to specify top, bottom, right and lift offset in millimetres when printing. You can use these options if using company headed paper for the folio printouts, so that they are precisely printed.
  • Options 'Hide...' (5) - 10 options allowing you to hide certain details from the folio printouts.

Note: The settings related to the margins and the charges table refer to both standard and custom printing forms.

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