Clock PMS+ Update (20 Nov 2023)

Modified on: Mon, 20 Nov, 2023 at 11:03 AM


New Features

BookDirect - extra services when a number of guests is selected.

For extra services you sell on BookDirect, there is an option to specify that they apply to Room, Guest, Adult or Child. If a guest selects a service set up with any of the last three options ( Guest, Adult or Child), up till now the service used to be charged for the full number of guests. For example, if the "Rent a bike" service is set on the "Per Guest" basis, and there are 3 guests in the booking, the service was always charged with a quantity of 3. What we have changed is that now the guest has the option to choose how many guests will use the extra service. In the example with the bike, the guest can choose whether 1, 2 or 3 guests wish to use bikes which determines the quantity and therefore the final price of the service.

Additionally, this option works even better in combination with the Capacity Counters. For example, before, if there were 2 bikes available, the service would not be offered to the guest at all because 3 available ones were required. With the new change, the guest will be able to choose the 2 remaining bikes even though their booking is for 3 guests. This way, you will sell the optimal amount of additional services.

The new functionality doesn't require any setup. For all services configured "Per Guest", "Per Adult" and "Per Child", on BookDirect the guest will be able to choose the number of guests for whom they wish to purchase them.

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