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The Online Check-In app is designed to streamline your guest check-in operations. It can become the main check-in method that guests can complete themselves prior to their arrival. The app is very simple and the check-in process itself - very quick. By encouraging your guests to self-check-in, you save both your and their time at the front desk, as all requirements for check-in will be met and you would only need to hand over the key/card to the room.

How it works

The app can work seamlessly on a guest's smartphone or tablet, and the Online Check-In process goes through several steps:

  • Welcome - the welcome screen greets the guest and displays brief booking information;
  • Registration - the user is prompted to fill in their details on the registration card. They can do this manually or if you have activated the ID Processor service, they can take a photo of their ID using their smartphone. Depending on the document, one or two images (front and back) of the document are taken.
  • Credit Card - if you have enabled the option for credit card details to be required, the system prompts the guest to enter them or offers the option to change them if they have already been entered. If the booking is confirmed using an OTA virtual credit card, it will not appear at this step. In this case, the credit card details belonging to the guest will be explicitly requested.
  • Consent to terms and signature - the hotel policy is displayed to the guest at this step. The guest must agree to the terms and sign;


The system can be set to require the registration of the primary guest only or all adults. If it is set to require the registration of all adults, there will be two additional buttons at the last step:

  • Register on this device - the steps will repeat for the second and each subsequent guest, skipping the credit card step.
  • How to register on a different device - it shows instructions on how to forward the original link, and provides the option to copy the registration link and forward it to another guest.

What is the result of a completed Online Check-In

In Clock PMS+, the booking status is still "Expected", but an indication appears that the Online Check-In process has been completed. This indication is visible on the "Arrival" and "In Hotel" screens. You can manually reset this status by opening the booking for review and selecting the "Functions->Reset online check-in" button. In this case the guest can go through the process again, and, if necessary, make a correction to their details.

In addition, to facilitate your mailing campaigns, we have added a "Pre-checked-in"- (YES/NO) filter in the Guest Mailer.

See how to configure your Online Check-In, optimise your operation and provide your guests with the best service.

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