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The role of Agents in Clock PMS+ bookings is mainly a reference one, i.e. it allows you to know which company organizes and is responsible for the booking. This way, a booking can also have a Company and an Agent.

Example: John from 'Company X' creates a booking through 'Agent Y'

The Agents can be selected from the list of the existing companies (more information on how to create and manage Companies can be found in the How to create a Company profile article. The agent can later be manually selected on the booking creation/edit screen via the "Agent" field. Agents are not separated from Companies and are to be found in the list of companies being common for all Accounts in the Subscription. 

Note: Agents can be mapped to OTAs connected to the channel manager. Find more information HERE.

Note: Marketing Channel, Source or a Segment can be selected for the different agents. More information about that can be found in the Marketing Sources / Channels / Segments article.

As a booking's Agent is also a company, the Company Contact Persons feature is also valid for this Agent. You can choose the Contact Person for a booking among the ones related to the Agent.

Search by Agent

In the booking lists (Arrivals, In Hotel, Departures), when a company is selected, the system will search for bookings in which this company is marked as the booking's Company or Agent. On the Advanced Search screen, there is a separate Agent filter to help you find the bookings related to the respective agent. 

Charge transfer

The features related to a charge transfer can be used for the Agent in the Booking, similarly to the transfers made to Companies. On the New Booking screen, there are options allowing you to automatically transfer the booking charges to the Agent folio:

  • Transfer to Company/Agent folio
  • Transfer to default Agent folio

  • Split by Agent

More details about each transfer type can be found in the automatic transfer options.

Note: Please keep in mind that the last automatic transfer options only work if selected at the time of the booking creation.
  • In case of a manual transfer of charges from the Booking's folio, the Suggestion section will also show the Agent apart from the Company. This way you can quickly select a destination for the charges.
  • In the event of a manual transfer of charges, from the Company's All Folios screen, the Booking lists in the Open Booking Folios section now also include the bookings for which the Company is considered either an Agent, or a Company.

Learn more about the manual transfer of charges.

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