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We have added new functionality to the BookDirect to allow guests to log in or create their own profiles. This way they don't have to re-enter their details and speeds up the booking process. On the hotel side, the benefit is that there are no duplicate profiles and there is a clear view of the returning guests.

There are two ways to log in - with a Google Account or with Email.

  • Logging in with a Google Account - standard login with a Google account. It often does not require a password and is the fastest way to log in. The system does not require or collect any special information about the guest except the public one, which is email, first and last name.
  • Login with email - In this login method, a confirmation email with a 6 digit code is sent to the customer's email. The code must be entered by the customer on the screen to log in to their account or create a new one. The written content of this email can be customized (or translated for various languages) from menu Settings->All Settings-> Content->Commong translations-> Confirmation Code email (BookDirect) - Translations.


  • For the profile, we automatically fill in the email, while the name and additional profile information will be required once logged in.

Note: The additional profile information, these are the fields that the hotel has chosen to display or require for the BookDirect the fields enabled in the Guest profile settings.

  • Once logged in on their phone (or other device), guests will be automatically logged in, when guests revisit the BookDirect from the same device.
  • For the convenience of guests, we have designed the process in such a way that the two login methods are interchangeable. That is, if a guest logs in from one device via email, they can log in from another via their google account as long as the email is the same. Also vice versa.
  • We have added the login feature in the navigation and is accessible from all pages. Additionally, we have added a more visible button section on the last page to draw users attention to this feature.

  • If they wish to Logout, this can be done from the button in the navigation. Also from there an edit of the profile details is available if, for example, the guest has a new phone number or address.

  • The Logged in profile can be used as a contact person (if booking for someone else or booking more rooms) or for a main guest. This applies when booking directly, with a company code or through booking enquiries. For block code booking cases, this functionality does not apply.

In the future we will add more functionalities related to profiles.

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