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Important: Please make sure you go through Room Access control - General settings as well.

Hotek - Virtual door keys is a innovative keyless and touchless solution allowing guests to access their rooms (and common spaces) with just a click using the unique Clock PMS+ MyBooking Portal through their own device. However, guests may still combine the virtual keys with a traditional key card just in case the device battery dies or it is out of reach.


  • Hotek GuestKey installed and configured;
  • Hotek GuestKey Location ID - If you can not find it in Hotek's configuration please contact their support!
  • Door keys add-on activated for your Clock PMS+ account


  • Once in Clock PMS+ navigate to Settings->AppConnector->locate GuestKey and activate it-> click button 'Settings' ->select Hotek GuestKey.

  • Fill in your Hotek GuestKey Location ID and save.

  • After the initial sync is done the ROOM DOORS MAP and COMMON DOORS MAP should be done. For every room number or common door configured in ClockPMS+ you can add one or more Hotek GuestKey's doors/lock by simply clicking the card icon at the right.

How it works

  • As soon as the booking is checked in (status = Checked-in) the Virtual Door Keys will appear automatically in Clock PMS+ MyBooking Portal where you can find all Hotek GuestKey's doors/lock associated with the booking's room and selected common doors
  • After the check-out of the booking the Virtual Door Keys option is no longer available;


  • The process is completely automated and the staff doesn't have to do anything to activate/deactivate the key for the guest;
  • When the period of a booking is changed, the Virtual key will follow;
  • The names of the Hotek GuestKey's doors/lock are exposed in Clock PMS+ MyBooking Portal with exactly the same name;
  • Before you can configure COMMON DOORS MAP you need to configure the Common door codes at Settings->All Settings->Room Key Settings->Common door codes.

  • The virtual keys are functioning completely independently of the existing QR and Key Card options available for Hotek locks. Hence they can be combined so every guest may have a traditional key card coded separately, just in case their device battery dies or it is out of reach.

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