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The integration between Clock PMS+ and enables you to collect Credit Card payments through the Clock Web Reservation System and/or MyBooking Portal alongside the ability to manually charge credit cards directly through the folio of the guest.


  • Settings of the interface are done from Settings->All Settings->Payment processing->
  • The 'API login' (1) and 'Transaction Key' (2) can be obtained from your account.
  • Select the currency in which payment amounts will be sent to (3).
  • Through the 'Gateway' (4) field, you can select whether transactions are test (sandbox account) or real ones (production account).
  • Through 'CVC required', 'Email required', 'Address required' (5), you choose what data to be collected from guests. It depends on the payment processor used and the electronic checks activated in the account.
  • In the list of Credit Card brands, select which ones you accept (6).

How does the interface work

Web Reservation System and MyBooking Portal

In order to enable payment through the interface, you need to make sure you have selected '' as a Payment service in your Guarantee options that require payment from menu Settings->All Settings->Bookings->Guarantee policy.

Once enabled, guests will be able to pay at the end of the booking process of your Web Reservation System and/or allow guests to guarantee their booking or pay their bill through the MyBooking Portal.

Important: The interface does not store Credit Card details in the booking.


Furthermore, you are able to manually charge a Credit Card directly through the folios by using the 'Credit Card payment' button that will show up once the interface is configured. 

You will be able to either enter credit card details manually and charge the card or select a card that you have manually stored in the booking beforehand.

Important: When transactions are successful, payments will be automatically posted in the folio/s.

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