User Rights for Folio and Charge Operations

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Operations with folios and charges, and the necessary combinations of user rights

User Rights

Document issue

  • Folio: Close
Paid services
  • Payment: Create - for a user to be able to add a payment, if such is missing;
Unpaid services
  • Folio: Close folio with outstanding balance

Folio duplication

  • Charges: Create

Full/partial correction of a document, Debit note

  • Charges: Create
  • Folio: Create Correction Folio
  • Folio: Close
  • Payment: Create - if it is necessary to add a new payment for the correction;
  • Payments: Add negative payment to Closed folio - if it is necessary to reflect a refund (in case of full correction);
  • Credit card refund - if working with a payment provider and there is a chargeback. The right works independently and does not require rights to add a negative payment.

Folio/document void

  • Folio: Void
  • Payments: Void payments - needed, if there are payments in the folio;
  • Charges: Edit and Void - needed, if there are charges in the folio;


Note: The void of an empty folio does not require the Folio: Void right

'Billing to' correction in an issued document

It is not allowed to select new Billing Info, but only make a correction to the existing one.

  • Folio: Edit Billing Info in closed folios

Charge edit

  • Charges: Create allows corrections to the date of an existing charge;
  • Charges: Edit and Void - unlocks changes to the price, currency and quantity of charged services. Enables the void of existing charges;
  • Charges: Edit print text - only allows editing the print text;
  • Charges – Custom Charge Posting - Unlocks changes to all other fields of existing charges not controlled by the above rights;

Discount posting - PMS+

  • Charges: Create

Charge split

  • Charges: Create
  • Charges: Transfer

Transfer of charges among folios

Regardless of whether it is among folios of one booking/company or among folios of different bookings/companies

  • Charges: Transfer

Remove/Subtract taxes from prices feature

  • Charges – Custom Charge Posting 
  • Charges: Edit and Void

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