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The integration between Clock PMS+ and one of the leading payment processors - WorldLine/Six allows you to seamlessly process online payments from various points - Web Reservation system, MyBooking portal, or through the guest folios.

It supports all features part of the payment processing package - tokenization, pre-authorization + capture/release, refunds, using physical card terminals, and/or offering alternative payment methods.

Note: Using WorldLine/Six enables you to make full use of the groundbreaking Payment Autopilot module. 


WorldLine/Six Payments divides its product line into the following modules:

  • SaferPay - this module handles eCommerce transactions - these are transactions done online, either by the guests themselves or by a user initiating a transaction through the Clock PMS+.
  • cCredit - this module handles card-present transactions - these are transactions done on a physical card terminal at the property and you will need to purchase such a terminal from Worldline/Six. 


To configure the SaferPay module, please complete the following steps:

  • In Clock PMS+ go to menu Settings->All Settings->Payment processing->Six Payments-> section Saferpay E-commerce.

  • Customer ID  (1) - enter your Worldline/Six customer ID. You can locate it by logging in to your Worldline/Six account and navigating to section Settings->Payment means/terminals.

  • Saferpay username (2) - you will need to create an API user in your Worldline/Six account and enter its username in this field
  • Saferpay password (2) - you will need to create an API user in your Worldline/Six account and enter its password in this field

Important: The attached file - Saferpay - Create JSON API Login - provides you with guidelines on how to create the API user.

  • API Terminal (3) and Omnichannel terminal (4)  - enter the ID of your 'Phone-Mail' terminal in your Worldline/Six account. You can locate it from the menu Settings->Payment means/terminals->click on the dropdown menu and copy the ID of the 'Phone-Mail' terminal.

  • 3DS transaction terminal (5) - enter the ID of your 'eCommerce' terminal in your Worldline/Six account. You can locate it from the menu Settings->Payment means/terminals->click on the dropdown menu and copy the ID of the 'Phone-Mail' terminal.

  • Client present transactions force sca (6) - when enabled, 'Force 3D' is initiated for all transactions performed by the client. 


To configure the cCredit module, please complete the following steps:

  • In Clock PMS+ go to menu Settings->All Settings->Payment processing->Six Payments->section cCredit (POS) settings

  • cCredit username (1) - enter the cCredit username provided to you by Worldline/Six for integration with ClockPMS+
  • cCredit password (2) - enter the cCredit password provided to you by Worldline/Six for integration with ClockPMS+


Along with the above settings, you will also need to add your physical terminal/s details in the interface configuration.

  • In Clock PMS+ go to menu Settings->All Settings->Payment Processing->Six Payments->click the 'Terminals' button on the top.
  • Click the '+' button on the top right and enter the details.
  • POS (1) - this is the client ID set in your Worldline/Six account.
  • Name (2) - this is the name of the terminal which you will see in Clock PMS+. This will be extremely helpful in cases you operate with several terminals, as the name will give you an indication of which is which e.g. 'Handheld terminal'; 'Front desk terminal'; 'Backup terminal'.

Note: In most cases, the devices you purchase from Worldline/Six will arrive configured and you simply need to connect them to the local network and power. However, in case you receive a non-configured terminal, please use the attached file - Hospitality Setup description cCredit Gateway EN V 1.4 - to configure it or alternatively, reach out to cCredit support for assistance.

Alternative payment methods

With Worldline/Six you can offer your guests various methods of payment, not strictly with a card. These vary from different online banking solutions to 'wallet' apps. You will need to first have those configured in your Worldline/Six account. Please consult with your Worldline/Six representative for setting those up.

Once done, follow these steps in Clock PMS+:

  • Settings->All Settings->Payment processing->Six Payments->section Alternative payment methods.
  • Payment page - terminal (1) - enter the payment page terminal ID that is set up in Worldline/Six to handle these alternative payment methods.
  • Payment page payment methods (2) - select which alternative payment methods you will use/offer.
  • enable the Payment page function (3)

Once done, when guests need to make payment, they will have the option to choose:

  • pay with a card, in which case they directly enter the details in the form and proceed
  • pay with an alternative method, in which case they will be redirected to a page hosted by Worldline/Six and proceed with completing the payment through the alternative method.

Note: Since such alternative methods do not involve credit/debit cards, you will not receive a credit card (token) in the booking.

When you have completed the configurations of the modules you will use, select the Currency in which payment amounts will be sent to Worldline/Six and mark the connection Live.

Finalizing configuration

Once the above is completed, navigate to Clock PMS+ menu Settings->All Settings->Payment processing->Credit Card and select the following:

  • In the section Payment Service Provider, select SixPayments from the dropdown menu (1).
  • Select if you will require guests to enter CSV code when entering card details (2).
  • Select if you require guests to enter their Address when entering card details (2).
  • Check the selections in section 'Accepted Credit Cards' and update them if needed (3).

Finally, you need to set your Guarantee options with the correct payment service.

  • Go to menu Settings->All Settings->Bookings->Guarantee policy
  • edit your guarantee options and select 'Credit Card tokenization/payment' as a payment service.

Important: Successful transactions will automatically be posted to the folios.

Configuring in Clock POS

Settings are done from the menu Management->Six Payments and the process is identical as the one in Clock PMS+. 

However, you only need to configure cCredit and add the terminal (device) information.


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