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What is AppConnector?

AppConnector is your one-stop marketplace with hundreds of apps ready to use with Clock. No more lengthy, cumbersome integration processes or communication with third-party support: a single click sends your activation request to your chosen application. Creating your perfect tech stack has never been easier.

How to access AppConnector?

To access AppConnector, navigate to the main menu and select Settings -> AppConnector. The homepage of AppConnector will open.

How to find and activate integrations

To navigate the AppConnector homepage, use the left-hand side menu to browse various app categories. If you have a specific app in mind, find it quickly by typing its name in the search bar at the top left corner. To see a list of all active integrations, as well as those being set up, select the 'Active' button.

When you find the app you want to integrate, click on its box to open a window with detailed information about the integration process. For additional details on how the integration works and the data exchange between Clock and the app, click the 'More Info' button.

Prior to initiating the activation of the integration, we require your consent on two key subjects:

  • Before you proceed with the activation of the integration, we need your acknowledgment and acceptance that activating this integration could result in changes to your current fee structure. This particularly applies to those whose existing agreements do not include unlimited integrations. If this is your situation, we will promptly inform you with details about any possible adjustments to the service fees following the activation. Note that any revised fees will be applicable from the first day of the following calendar month. However, if you choose to deactivate the integration before this date, the changes will not be implemented.
  • Additionally, we will require your confirmation that you acknowledge and accept that activating the integration will grant the respective app vendor access to specific sets of data, which will be listed for your review. This step is crucial to guarantee maximum data security and transparency regarding which data from your Clock account will be made accessible to your chosen integration partner.

After you have accepted these two conditions, the 'Activate' button located in the top right corner will become active, allowing you to proceed with activating the integration.

What happens next

For integrations developed by the vendor

For standard integrations developed by the relevant app vendor, activating the integration will automatically generate the required API credentials and send them directly to the vendor. Normally, they should reach out to you promptly.

Important: Please be aware that you must have an active and operational account with the vendor before you activate the integration. The generated API credentials expire after 48 hrs if not used by the vendor. If the credentials do expire before the vendor can use them, please deactivate (see below) the connection and activate it again at which point, new credentials will be sent. 

Tip: it is advisable to contact the vendor directly after the activation to advise them that API credentials have been generated and sent to them, as the responsibility for the activation process of the initiated integration falls entirely under their purview from that point onwards.

For integrations developed by Clock

For integrations developed by Clock, activating the integration will unlock the relevant configuration screens. To complete the activation process and set it into production, you will need to provide the necessary credentials, which you must obtain from the respective vendor.

Setting network security

For enhanced security, you have the option to limit network access to the API. To implement this, switch the toggle button in the 'Network Security' section from 'Unrestricted' to 'Trusted Only'. With this setting, any API calls originating from non-trusted networks will be blocked. You can learn more about configuring Trusted Networks in our support article.

How to deactivate integrations

To deactivate an integration, locate it within the AppConnector, open its window and click the 'Deactivate' button. A prompt will appear, requiring your confirmation to proceed with the deactivation. We recommend contacting the app vendor as well to ensure that no additional steps are required on their end. It's important to note that deactivating the integration does not automatically cancel or terminate your agreement with the app vendor. Any arrangements regarding the termination of your agreement must be addressed directly with them.

How to seek support in relation to the integration

When you open the integration window from the AppConnector, you will be able to find information about who supports that integration - Clock or the relevant app vendor. If the integration is supported by Clock, please contact our Support as you usually do with all your support requests. If the integration is supported by the vendor, please note that we will not be able to assist you in case you need help, but you rather need to contact them directly.

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