SWITZERLAND - Hotel statistics report (HESTA)

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The tourist accommodation statistics (HESTA) are conducted at the national level covering 6000 hotels, health establishments, and campsites. Its purpose is to gather data on the number of establishments, rooms, and beds as well as data on arrivals and overnight stays by visitors' country of residence.

The report can be found by going to Reports-> Localizations-> Switzerland-> 'Swiss' - 'Hotel statistics report'.

You can configure the BFS identifier (BUR) code you received from the authorities. Fill it in the field BFS identifier (BUR) so it will be exported in the respective field (EstBurNr) in the XML file.

The report includes the following information:

  • EstBurNr - BFS-Identifikator (BUR-Nummer)
  • Period - Report from date (only the month)
  • AutomaticTransmission - By default its 0
  • EstNbrRoom - Number of rooms in the establishment
  • EstNbrBed - Number of beds in the establishment
  • EstRoomForDisabled - By default it is 0. You can change it manually, if the company has at least one room for people with reduced mobility (e.g. wheelchair users). Leave it "0", if there are no such rooms.
  • EstContactName - Contact person name coming from Settings-> All Settings-> Account info-> Billing info-> Person name.
  • EstContactPhone - Contact person phone number, it is empty by default and can be changed manually.
  • EstContactEMail - Contact email coming from Settings-> All Settings-> Account info-> Hotel email.
  • EstNextClosingFrom - Next business closure (beginning). It is empty by default and needs to be changed manually if there is a closing period.
  • EstNextClosingTo - Next business closure (end). It's empty by default needs to be changed manually if there is a closing period.
  • TotalArrivals - Total arrivals (guests, adults + children) in the reference month.
  • TotalNights - Total overnight (guests bednight) stays in the reference month.
  • TotalOccupiedRooms - Total occupied rooms, data coming from the occupancy forecast report.
  • EstAvgNightIncome - Average income per overnight stay in the reference month
  • TotalOpenDays - Number of opening days in the reference month, information coming from the reporting period, for example, if the period is from 01.08.2020 to 31.08.2020, the number of opening days is 31.
  • country - 2-digit ISO country code. If there are overnight stays without a country assigned, it is marked with "??"
  • arrival - Number of arrivals for this country
  • nights - Number of overnight stays for this country
Note: The following fields:
  • EstRoomForDisabled
  • EstContactPhone
  • EstNextClosingFrom
  • EstNextClosingTo
are not mandatory, but can manually be modified.

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