1. Creating units
  2. Room Sorting
  3. History of the capacity
  4. Creation and use of room statuses
  5. Auto room allocation
  6. Random room allocation

Rooms are individual rentable units. Depending on the type of property they can be: Apartments, Villas, Bungalows, Beds, Plots, etc.

Creating units

Go to 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Rooms'

To create a single unit, click on the "Add room" button:

  • Number - enter the unit number/name.
  • Room type - select the unit type.
  • Description - in-house description of the unit.
  • Location - specific location of the unit (you can check the following WRS: Map of Locations article for more details).
  • Active period - please refer to the 'History of the capacity' section below.
  • Housekeeping sector - you can specify the housekeeping sector of the room.
  • Room Door code(s) and Common door codes - used only if a Door Lock system is connected to Clock PMS+. More details are provided based on the type of door lock system used.

To create multiple units at once, click on the button "Edit rooms:

  • Using the buttons "Add 1 room" or "Add multiple rooms" you can add units from the same screen.
  • The available fields are - Number, Room type, Description, Location, Room door code(s), Common door codes and Housekeeping sector.
  • Each newly created unit will be active from the first day of 2 months preceding the unit creation date, i.e. if you create the room on 7 April, it will be active from as early as 1 Feb.

Room Sorting

Click on the "Sorting" button at the top of the page. You can drag each unit in order to apply the desired sorting.

History of the capacity

The capacity of the property is formed by all the rooms in it. The number of rooms (the capacity) can change over time (due to renovations, expansions, etc.). Use the fields 'Active From' and 'Active To' (optional) on the Room settings screen to define the time frame for each room. If outside this time frame, the room is not included in the hotel capacity:

A room can also be temporarily taken out of the availability. To do so, use the system-predefined 'Room status' statuses or other similar ones created by you. The rooms having such a status are not available for booking, but they are included in the capacity.

The main difference between these rooms and the ones excluded from the hotel capacity is found in the forecast report and in the calculation of the %Occupancy (capacity / occupied rooms ).

Creation and use of room statuses

You can create different types of room statuses by going to 'Settings' – 'OOS Room Type' and clicking the 'Add' button. Enter a name and choose Room Calendar color for each of them. Once set, they can be selected as predefined types or edited from the Room Calendar drop-down menu for each room or using the OOS buttons on the Room settings screen. You can also enter a description for each status.

Auto room allocation

If enabled:  The system will try to automatically allocate a free room to each room type booking upon booking creation. This way all bookings from a channel manager, the WRS, imports, etc. will automatically get a room number if there are available rooms. The function is activated on booking creation only and will not overwrite the selected room  (in case the booking was created with a selected room).

If disabled: The system will not allocate a room upon booking creation.

Random room allocation

This option controls which of the free rooms can be chosen for a booking with the application of auto room allocation (if  the"Auto room allocation"  enabled or a user activates the auto room allocation from the booking) in case there is more that 1 room to select from.

If enabled: The random room allocation will allocate a randomly selected free room. This way, room usage will be balanced out over time.

If disabled: The random room allocation will allocate the first free room from the list. This way, room usage will follow the room sort order. 

Note: When used, this feature will auto allocate a room that is available for the whole period of stay.