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The eMenu feature offers two main functions:

  • you are able to create an eMenu for Room service orders through the MyBooking (Self-service) Portal  
  • you are able to create an eMenu, open it through an electronic device and give the device to guests (essentially replacing your traditional menu card) so they can order directly through it.

Setting up the eMenu is done in the same way, regardless of which of the two functions you will use.


In order to have a fully configured eMenu you need to complete several settings: Menu Items, Menu Groups, Business hours (for room service) and a background image for the eMenu, and Descriptions of the menu items.

Menu Groups

We have simplified the process of adding items to your eMenu. Instead of adding individual menu items, we have taken the approach to publish a whole menu group to the eMenu.

In order to do so:

  • navigate to menu Management -> Menu groups -> open the menu group you want to publish
  • scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the 'Included in eMenu' option. This will immediately publish the menu group along with all of its items to the eMenu. 
  • More information about menu groups can be read HERE.

Important: For Room service feature - If the menu group you wish to publish contains items that are not offered for Room Service, you must create a duplicate menu item for each of those items and combine them in a menu group that you will publish for room service.

Menu Items

You are already familiar with how to create Menu Items, but you can still check the article Creating Menu Items to refresh your memory. When it comes to the eMenu there is only one thing to set for the menu item - image.

  • navigate to menu Management -> Menu items -> locate and edit the menu item in question
  • press the button 'Image' and add an image of the menu item.

eMenu settings

From menu Management -> eMenu you can configure two more settings related to the eMenu:

  • opening hours - set the business hours of the Room service. Guests will not be able to order items through the MyBooking Portal outside those hours.
  • image - a background image for the first page of the eMenu

Languages and Texts

From menu Management -> Languages and texts you will be able to add a language and add descriptions of the menu items which will be visible in the eMenu.


Room Service

To enable the eMenu for Room Service orders through the MyBoking Portal, in Clock PMS+, navigate to menu Settings -> All Settings -> Self-service Portal -> scroll down to the section 'Room service (eMenu)' and select the POS account. You can choose several accounts if you offer room service from several F&B outlets. Once this is done, guests will be able to order room service through the MyBooking Portal.

Note: The orders from the MyBooking (Self Service) portal will not generate any print orders on your printers (if you have such connected to Clock POS). They will open a table with the hotel room selected for transfer and will generate an email message which will be sent to the address specified in menu Management -> Order notification email.

Digital menu card

As mentioned, the eMenu can be used to replace your traditional menu card. You can open the eMenu on an electronic device and give the device to guests. From there, guests choose their items, add them to the order and send the order to the kitchen. To open the eMenu on your device:

  • on the home (table) screen of the POS, click the 'eMenu' button under the table to which you are giving the device.
  • the eMenu will open and guests can complete their order
  • guests are restricted in exiting the eMenu so they cannot go back to the POS. Once you get the device back, press the 'Logout' button, enter your password and you will be navigated back to the POS.

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