Custom Folio Templates

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Clock PMS+ lets you create your own HTML templates to print documents such as open and closed folios, invoices, etc.

Still, you can select to use the system template or a template of your choice to print a document.

Folio Print Template Setup

  • Go to Settings -> All Settings -> section Documents -> Folio Print template.
  • Add a new template and enter its name


  • The folio template itself is to have an html format and contain the folio's html code instead of the code of the whole html page, i.e. it should not contain head or body tags.
  • Template Language to be used is Liquid. For more information on its syntax, go here
  • CSS framework to be used is the standard one for the system - Bootstrap. For more information, go here

Upon finishing the setup of folio templates, you can access them from the folio printing screen by clicking the 'View' button on the folio printing screen.

Setup of Default Print Templates

Once created, here is how you can set a template to be used by default when printing the respective document type:

Open and Closed Folios

Go to Settings -> All Settings -> section Documents -> Folio Printing - defaults and choose the template in the 'Folio print template' section. This will be the default print template used for open and closed folios.

Other Document Types

Go to Settings -> All Settings -> section Documents ->Document type(s) -> edit the document type(s). The Template selected in the field 'Folio print template' will be used for the folios closed through the respective type document.

Email auto send upon folio closure

Go to Settings -> All Settings -> section Documents -> 'Auto send folio email template with folio closure'.

The selected template will automatically be sent to customers upon each folio closure, if the payer of the folio has an email address in Clock PMS+.


Folio custom template example

Custom charge table example



number : text

invoice_number : text

display_document_number_date : text

display_name : text

issuer_billing_info : BillingInfo

contragent_billing_info : BillingInfo

currency : text

closed_at : date_time

voided_at : date_time

master : Folio - 'correction to' master folio

total_vat : Money

net_value : Money

value : Money

balance : Money

charges_value : Money

charges_table_html : html - ready for use html table with charges

charges : Collection of Charge objects

payments_table_html : html - ready for use html table with payments

payments : Collection of Payment objects

taxes_table_html : html - ready for use html table with taxes

folio_taxes : Collection of FolioTax objects

folio_logo : Image

user_updated : User

voided? : boolean

payed? : boolean

open? : boolean

correction? : boolean

notes : text


name : text

vat : text

second_identification : text

person_name : text

country : text - two letter ISO code

address : text

additional_billing_info : text


gross_value : Money

net_value : Money

tax_value : Money

tax_percent : number

tax_code : text


currency : text - currency ISO code

date : date

payment_type : text

text : text

value : Money


service : boolean

service_date : date

text : text

value : Money - charge value

price : Money - charge price for 1 qty

qty : number

revenue_group : text

revenue_category : text

tax_percent : number

tax_code : text

source : polymorphic object related with the charge. Can be : Account, Booking, Company, ...


name : text


URL : text - full URL of the image


No Method or to_s : text - amount

Liquid currency filter : text - amount and currency


human : text. human - short company description. human(:extended) - long company description.


human : text. human - short booking description. human(:extended) - long booking description.

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