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To manage given rates, you will first need to load them on the respective operating screen. To this end, you can use the search option (a magnifier icon button in the upper right corner) available on each of the screens.

Search options

  • Quickly select one or multiple rate plans. By default, Base Rates are selected to load. Switch to All Rates, if needed. Click the "Load" button to see the rates from the selected rate plans.

  • Quickly select one or multiple rate tags. Once again, by default, Base Rates are selected to load. Switch to all rates, if needed.

  • Search by multiple rate parameters. Through this option you can search for rares meeting the criteria and select which ones to be loaded.

The search options are the same on all operating screens. When loading rates or creating new ones, they are added to the already displayed ones on the screen. This way you can expand the rate list without having to search for them again. The list remains one and the same, while you navigate through the screens, but, respectively, you can update it from each of these screens.

If the list of loaded rates becomes too long and difficult to manage, you can remove part or all of these rates. To this end use the last button from the search options (top right). After clearing the list, you can run a new search or create a new list.

Quick rate links

You have the option to quickly access the rates you use the most without needing to use the search feature. To this end, simply assign a tag starting with the “#” character. On the main screen, there will be links to all rates having such tags.

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