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Mass Update Section

In this section you can update multiple days for multiple rates with the same values. You can select a different price for each rate, but the selected restrictions apply to all selected rates.

  • Load the rates that you wish to edit at once;
  • Select the periods and days from the calendar. To select a period, click on the first date and then on the last date, and for single days, click on the date twice. You can see the selected days and periods below the calendar. To remove a period, click on it in the calendar or select the "x" button in the row where it is displayed.
  • You can also use the filters for days of the week to be applied to the selected periods, e.g. to apply the change for the weekend days that fall in the selected periods.
  • On the right, select the rates you wish to update and fill in a price, if needed. 
  • Under the rate list, you can fill in the restrictions if you wish to update any.
  •  Save the changes.

Important: If you need to mass update Derived rates, in the 'Price' field, enter the amount or % difference between the rate and its base.

Tip: For better control when editing prices, you recommend you to use the "Days" section when making changes to the daily prices.

Testing Section

In this section, you can test the calculation of end prices for multiple rates and different combinations of adults and children.

  • Load the rates whose calculations you wish to check;
  • Use the Calendar to select a date (or period) for which you wish to make a calculation;
  • Fill in the combinations of adults, children and adults, children and children’s ages for which you wish a calculation to be made. Use the '...' button for the quick completion of some of frequent combinations;
  • Select rates and click the calculation button.

The system will list the prices for all selected rates and guest combinations, so you can quickly and easily check if you have configured them correctly. If any adjustments are required, you can navigate to the Rates or Seasons sections, make the necessary changes and return to the Testing section to check again.

More Menu

This menu gives you the following options:

Restrictions by Room Type/Rate Plan

These two options allow you apply restrictions at the rate plan level and the room type one. For more details on how to use them, see Applying Restrictions.

Rate Plans

Use the screen to create, edit, archive or delete rate plans. We would like to remind you that you can also create a new rate plan from the rate creation screen.

For more information on how to archive a rate plan, please refer to Archiving a Rate Plan.

Rate Sorting

On this screen you can arrange the rates in the order you want. The order is used in your Online Reservation System and on the Rates and Availability screen. Move the rate through the drag&drop feature by clicking on the icon next to the rate name.  Save your changes. Using the red button in the top right corner, you can completely remove the arrangement you have made.

Out Of Seasons

On this screen you can define periods during which the hotel is completely closed. Using this approach you can easily stop all sales across all channels (WRS, Channel Manager, Rates and Availability screen, etc..) without having to edit the rates themselves.

Channel Manager rates

Here you can see all rates related to the channel manager through the new settings screen. You have a list of all channel managers related to the account. After selecting a specific channel manager, the related rates will load and you can review and edit them.

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