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Following the success of Kiosk solutions in the airline industry, it was natural that hospitality establishments started utilizing such solutions as well.

Options that were not easily accessible beforehand were opened up for properties such as improving check-in procedures and saving time and costs; allowing self-service properties to handle their operations easier; or simply providing an extra choice to the guest in regards to their check-in.

As a complete system, Clock PMS+ offers a Kiosk solution which, apart from self check-in, supports self check-out as well.

Functional capabilities

Clock Kiosk offers a complete set of tools and functions needed for the smooth self-check-in experience by the guest and streamlining front desk operations:

  • Connecting key-card encoders - You are able to use card encoders from a supported door lock system and have them connected with the Kiosk allowing guests to encode their room key-card during the check-in or throughout their stay.
  • Connecting Credit card terminals - You are able to use credit card terminals from a supported payment processor and have them connected with the Kiosk allowing guests to make payment or save their details during the check-in or check-out process.
  • Controlling the Check In time - We’ve added a tool which you can use to control from what time guests can start the check-in process, ensuring that they  do not check-in earlier than needed.

  • Completing Registration cards - As a check-in usually entails collecting guest details and signature, we have included the option for guests to fill out their registration cards, read your terms and conditions and sign the card. Alternatively, if guests have already filled out a registration card beforehand (e.g. through MyBooking Portal) they can review the information and make changes if necessary. Additionally, if local legislation requires you to collect ID card/passport photos, you can also enable those to be collected during the check-in using the Kiosk camera.

  • Payment and sending an invoice - We’ve included options to require payment of outstanding balances during the check-in or check-out process which they can do either online or through the terminal and automatic sending of the invoice as an email. 

  • Collecting Credit card details - We’ve included an option to request credit card details during the check-in process. If the guest has already provided such, they can add another. This feature is extremely useful in cases where you have only an OTA virtual card for the reservation. During the check-in process of such bookings, guests will be required to enter details of their own credit card.

  • Self check-in and self check out - Guests can both check-in and check-out using the Kiosk depending on configuration. Rest assured that Clock Kiosk has all the controls preventing guests from checking-in to a room not yet marked as clean by housekeeping, checking-in earlier than the check-in time or checking-out without settling outstanding amounts. Completing any of the two processes will automatically change the status of the booking - from Expected to Checked-In and from Checked-In to Checked-Out.
  • Offer an upgrade at check-in - the upsell rate functionality familiar from the MyBooking Portal is also used at the Kiosk, offering suitable upgrades (if any and based on the upsell configuration) to the guests.

  • Personalization of the Kiosk pages - As with every part that is a touchpoint with the guest, it is important to keep a coherent branding and design. We’ve included options to upload background images of your choosing and in addition, you will be able to choose from more than 10 different design Themes for your Kiosk pages. Furthermore, you are free to change texts and labels in all languages in which you offer the Kiosk interface.

Clock Kiosk varieties

Depending on your wants and needs, you can choose from a number of different Kiosks

  • Using Clock Kiosk on devices supplied by Clock Software - You can choose from 3 different Kiosk setups - countertop, wall-mounted or floor standing. These devices are supplied by Clock Software with the Kiosk software loaded on them and potentially with a key-card encoder embedded on them.
  • Using Clock Kiosk on your own device - As an alternative to the above, you can simply opt to license the Kiosk software and load it on any device of your choosing (iPad; any tablet; touchscreen monitor; etc.).

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