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How does it work

The Promotions feature in Clock POS can be used to manage Happy Hour and various other promotions. The functionality will automate the process, facilitating your staff while preventing any mistakes. With this functionality, the promotional prices of selected menu items are activated automatically and there is no need for manual intervention by a user.

How to create

To set up your promotions in Clock POS, go to Management -> Promotions.

To create a new promotion / happy hour, click the 'New' button at the top right corner.

On the next screen, fill in the fields to specify the promotion details:

  • Name (1) - Type in the name of the promotion, e.g. 'Happy hour'
  • From date and To date (2) - define the start and end date of the happy hour. (From and To dates are included).
  • Start and End time (3) - the exact time when the Happy Hour menu will automatically be activated and stopped.
  • Weekdays (4) - Select the days of the week on which the happy hour is applicable.

Please note that the filters defined work together (the operator among them is 'AND'), as you can use a custom combination of parameters, i.e.:

  • If you only fill in 'Start time', 'End time', this will activate the promotion for any day within the time range set.
  • If you add Monday, too, it will activate the promotion only on Mondays within the time range set.
  • If you also add 'From date', 'To date', this will activate the promotion for the time range selected on the Mondays within the period selected.
  • Please note that if you don't fill in any of these fields, the promotion will be active all the time.

Once you define all the parameters of the promotion, just click 'Create'.

Add menu items

In order to add menu items:

  • open the promotion and use the 'Add' button.

  •  Choose the item to add by searching for it by name and set its promotional price. 

  • Repeat these steps for all the items you would like to add to the promotion/happy hour.

Good to know

You can create multiple promotions to be simultaneously active (overlap) or have different time ranges.

In the event of overlapping promotions and if they have common menu items (the menu items are part of both promotions), the lowest active price for an item will be used.

You can also use this Promotions feature to set prices for a certain time period, even increased ones.

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