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Clock PMS+ guest data can be synchronised with your MailChimp audiences, so you can use its capabilities to their full extent and maximise the results of your marketing campaigns and promotions.


  • Navigate to Settings->AppConnector-> locate 'MailChimp' and activate the integration if you haven't done that yet-> 'Settings'. Click 'Authorize' to log in to your existing MailChimp account or create a new one and authorize Clock PMS+ to access it.

  • Once your MailChimp account is connected, you will see each MailChimp audience you have in your MailChimp account. Click on the Audience you wish to connect. 
  • Map the respective Clock PMS+ field to each field of the MailChimp audience you wish to update and click 'Save' when ready.
  • Follow the same steps if you wish to map several Audiences, which, later on, will allow you to choose to which Audience you want to export.

Export contacts to MailChimp:

Once the interface is configured, you can start synchronizing your mailing lists with the configured MailChimp audiences.

  • Go to Other Functionalities->Mailing lists section and open the Mailing list you wish to synchronise;

  • Select one of the configured audiences from the MailChimp dropdown menu (in the right upper corner of the screen);

  • After the process is completed, you will see the MailChimp Export statistics (added, updated, duplicated, invalid, etc.)


The below specifics will help you to understand better how the integration works, so that you can get the most of it.

  • Please note that due to the fact the city, adr1, state, and zip elements of the address are required by MailChimp,
    the address will not be exported/updated to MailChimp if the mapped Clock PMS+ guest fields are empty
    during the synchronisation of the contacts ;
  • An email address is required for every contact in MailChimp, as the contacts from the mailing list without an email address will not be synchronised with MailChimp. They will be shown as invalid guests on the export statistics screen;
  • The email address is used for contact identification in MailChimp, so if a given email address exists more than once in the mailing list, only the first guest profile with the given email address will be exported to MailChimp. You will see the profiles which have been skipped due to email duplication on the export statistics screen, so you can edit the list and remove the duplications, and export it again;
  • To enhance the usability of the interface and bring more flexibility, the Clock PMS+ mailing list is added as a tag to the contact in the audience. By having that tag, you can easily use a single MailChimp audience to accommodate all mailing lists and quickly target them separately by using the tags in the campaigns. 
  • If a guest profile is removed from the mailing list, with the next MailChimp export the tag along with the mailing list name will be removed from the contact in MailChimp, however, the contact will not be deleted from MailChimp;
  • If the contact gets unsubscribed in MailChimp, it will still get updated with the export of the data except for its tag, as it is prohibited by Mailchimp. You will be notified with the following message: 'Some of the emails provided were not tagged. Check the Mailchimp marketing subscription statuses'.

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