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The integration between Clock PMS+ and Lightspeed K-series enables you for smarter and quicker operations. It will complete a full circle of automated and connected operations by allowing you to transfer to booking or company folios and have control of the information that is transferred.

Warning: Due to technical limitations in the data transfer, currently the interface with Lightspeed K-series must NOT be used by businesses with Tax mode: 'Tax not included in prices'.

The interface supports the following features:

1. Charge transfer to the PMS+:

  • You can transfer charges to a booking folio:
  • You can transfer charges to company folios. 
  • You can transfer charges to event folios
  • Thanks to the unique interface implementation, you can use the same search box in LightSpeed to find guests (by name or room number), companies accepting charge transfers, and checked-in events which makes transfers really easy.

2. Daily revenue transfer (optional).

  • This feature allows you to generate consolidated revenue reports for both your hotel and F&B departments.
  • All charges which were not transferred to a room folio (e.g. were paid cash/card at the outlet) can be transferred to a specially configured Clock POS account within your Clock PMS+ subscription.

Please reach out to us to create such a POS account for you before you can activate the Daily Revenue transfer.

You need to specify the daily revenue transfer start date so that our support specialists can configure it.

  • Additionally, you can enable the transfer of payments, so that they can be also included in Clock PMS+ reports. You can include or exclude the revenue and payments generated by Lightspeed, which are not yet transferred to the hotel by simply including the mentioned POS account in your reports together with your Clock PMS + account(s).


In Lightspeed K-series

You need to configure a special payment type in Lightspeed or edit an existing one (if you've connected Lightspeed with your previous PMS) with the following information:

  • Navigate to menu Configuration->Settings->Payment Methods.

  • Create a new payment type or edit an existing one with the following:
    • Payment method type: select 'Charge to room' (NOT Property Management System)
    • PMS Server: select 'Other'

Important: The PMS server 'Other' will be available only if you've previously had a PMS system connected to your LS. If you haven't connected a PMS system to LS before you first need to complete the connection settings in Clock PMS+ (see below) before setting up the Payment method type.

In Clock PMS+

  • Navigate to menu Settings->All Settings->AppConnector->Lightspeed (K-series)
  • Connect to your Lightspeed 'Business', by following the instructions and entering your Lightspeed user credentials.

  • When connected and authorized, add your 'Business location/s' (1).

Important: You can add multiple locations. In the list with locations, you will see the ones to which the user with which you authorized the connection has access to.

  • After the business location/s are added, use the pencil icon to edit the configuration (2).

  • ToDo channel (4) - select a ToDo channel to which any automatic messages about the connection will be assigned to.
  • Print text in imported charges (5) - 
    • Bill Number (Default): The print text of the transferred/imported charges will include the configured Business Location Name followed by the bill number (e.g., "Italian restaurant/#A123"). This option helps group items by bill number for a compact print view, leading to a shorter customer invoice.
    • Empty: Leaves the print text blank, resulting in each item being listed separately on the invoice, applicable even with the Compact print option.
  • Transfer to company/event (6) - enable if you will allow transfers to companies and/or events.
  • Show all booking folios (7) - enable if you wish to see all open booking folios when transferring from LS. 
  • Once done, click on 'Charge config map' to complete the item mappings
  • Once all configuration is done, make sure to enable the Data transfer (3).

Charge config map

The Lightspeed K-series 'Accounting group' is used for mapping. Map the Lightspeed accounting groups to their respective Clock PMS+ Revenue group and category.

- Default charge map - required field. The selections will be used in case items from non-mapped accounting groups are transferred.

 - Tip - required field. Select a Revenue group and category for transferred Tips.

- Copy settings from another configuration - in case you operate several business locations and connect all of them to Clock PMS+, you are able to copy mapping settings from each other to save time.

End-of-day transfer and Payment type mapping

If you wish to make use of the End of day transfer feature and have consolidated reporting in Clock PMS+ for all hotel and outlet revenue, click on the 'End of day transfer' button at which point you will see the following settings:

  • End-of-day transfer (1) - enable if you wish to use the feature
  • POS account (2) - click the button to create the special Clock POS account to which the daily revenue from LS will be transferred, needed for consolidated reporting. During this process, you can configure the first revenue date (past or future) for the transfer.
  • Transfer tips (3) - It will transfer the tips to the hotel folios; 
  • Payment transfer (4) - Use this option, If payments should be transferred at the end of the day.
  • Company (5) - select a company profile to specify the Billing info of the folio to which the full Daily revenue will be transferred.  

If you will also receive payment information from Lightspeed, you will need to complete the Payment type mapping as well. Simply click on 'Payments type map' and complete the mapping.

Important: Due to the specifics of the systems and interface, it is very important to map the Lightspeed 'ACCOUNTS_RECEIVABLE' payment type. We recommend that it is mapped to a Clock payment type that you do not used.

Specifics of the connection

- Tips are transferred with 0 tax.

- If discounts are applied in Lightspeed, the discounted price of the item/s will be transferred.

- Quantities of items might initially differ In case of mixed payments for the bill in Lightspeed - e.g. 1x3 EUR coffee has 1 EUR paid cash and 2 EUR transferred to the room. In this situation, 0.67x 3 EUR (2.01 EUR) will be transferred to the room bill, while 0.33x 3 EUR (0.99 EUR) will be transferred at the end of day transfer. This is to ensure quantities and values are indicated correctly.

- In case you re-open or void a transferred bill (in Lightspeed), it is transferred again to Clock PMS+ with opposite values.

- In case the payment type at K series is configured with Payment method type: Property Management System K series will simulate transfer to the room without actually doing it which may lead to revenue losses! Be careful!

- Before the end of day data is imported in Clock POS a check is performed if the business day is indicated as finished at LightSpeed. Here is a very useful article how the business day is properly opened/closed in Lightspeed K-series.



Due to the specifics of the systems, in some cases, there might be a discrepancy in the transfers. This mainly will occur in case you have a Lightspeed device (tablet) that has not reported sales back to the server by the time we (Clock) pull the information for the daily revenue.

Clock will pull the information sometime after the closure of the day in Lightspeed. If by that time, the device has not reported its sales back to the Lightspeed server, the revenue generated by that device will not land in Clock.

In these situations navigate to the Lightspeed settings screen in Clock PMS+ and press the 'Log' button.

You will see if there is a daily revenue transfer not processed due to data marked as incomplete in Lightspeed. You have two options:

  • Force sync - use this in case the device that has not reported its sales to the server will not be able to at all. This can be due to the device being broken. The data will be marked as complete, and the end-of-day transfer will be processed, without the sales from the broken device.
  • Manual sync - use this to pull the sales from this device once it is back online.
  • JSON - use this to extract the message payload for further troubleshooting by the support teams.

Deactivating the connection

If in the future you need to deactivate the connection between Clock PMS+ and Lightspeed K-Series, please follow the steps strictly in order:

  • access your LS K-series account and edit the Payment type you use for the connection with Clock PMS+
  • Change the PMS Server selection. For the integration to work, you have to select PMS Server-> Other. Please change it to something else.

  • navigate to the Clock PMS+ settings for K-series and disable the data transfer.


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