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The integration between Clock PMS+ and Gastronovi POS allows you to run your daily operations at ease and be able to run consolidated reports for both Hotel and F&B from one central point. 

Important: The connection to Gastronovi is done via HOTAPI Hotel Interface which is exchanging the data between your Clock PMS+ and Gastronovi accounts!

Supported Features

Hotel charge transfer:

  • You can transfer charges to a hotel guest folio:
  • You can also transfer charges to company folios. Please note that the event folios are not available for charge transfers. If you need to transfer charges to an event folio they have to be first transferred to another open folio associated with the same company and then manually transferred to the event one.  The charge transfer to company folios is an optional feature and can be enabled and disabled at any moment.
  • Thanks to the unique interface implementation, you can use the same search box in Gastronovi POS to find both guests (by name or room number) and companies accepting charge transfers which makes transfers really easy.

Daily revenue transfer (optional):

This feature allows you to generate consolidated revenue reports for both your hotel and F&B departments.

All charges which were not transferred to Clock PMS+ (e.g paid by cash/card at the outlet) can be transferred to a specially configured Clock POS account within your Clock PMS+ subscription. Additionally, you can enable the transfer of payments, so that they can be also included in Clock PMS+ reports. You can include or exclude the revenue and payments generated by Gastronovi, which are not yet transferred to the hotel by simply including the mentioned Clock POS account in your reports together with your Clock PMS+ account(s).


Before you proceed to the interface configuration you will need to contact Gastronovi's support and request a HOTAPI account configuration as well as API key to connect to HOTAPI.

When you receive your HOTAPI API key you can activate the connection in Clock PMS+:

Go to Settings-> All Settings-> AppConnector-> Gastronovi POS Settings and click the '+' button. On the screen that will open, fill in:

  • Company Name - The name of the outlet to appear in  the charges and reports;
  • Token - Your HOTAPI API key;


There are 3 sections which need to be configured:

Connection settings

  • To-Do Channel - the system may inform you about certain situations (see below) with a To-Do. Please specify the message channel it should be associated with.
  • Allow transfer on the departure day - select if you will allow transfers to the room bill on the departure day. This is a risk control tool due to the specifics of the interface. Please read 'Interface specifics - point 1' below for more information.

Charge Map Config

You will see a list with your Gastronovi menu groups and must select which Revenue group and Revenue category to be used when the charges from the given Gastronovi item group are transferred as well as the values to be added in the charge custom fields. The custom fields values may be very important for the data transfer to your financial system. You need to configure at least Default revenue mapping which will be used in the cases where configurations for the given Item group are not defined; 

End-of-day transfer

  • POS account (1) - select the specially created for the daily revenue transfer needs Clock POS account. Contact Clock Customer Service team if the selection dropdown field is empty. 
  • Close time (2) - Define the close time of your Gastronovi account (Settings->Company settings->Daily closing in Gastronovi Backoffice). To assure report comparability the close time in both systems should be identical and kept in sync!
  • Transfer tips (3) - Select if you wish the tips to be transferred with your Gastronovi daily revenue;
  • Transfer payments (4) - The payments may be imported as well. Select if you wish to see them in reports in Clock POS. If you enable receiving payments, a new section will open for the payment type/sub-type mapping. Define the corresponding payment types and sub-types from Clock PMS+ and the values for the payment custom fields (if exists). Enter a Default payment map as well. The default payment lets you successfully process payments not yet set up in the interface and avoid disruptions in its work. 

  • Document type (5); Company (6) - When the sales are transferred to your special Clock POS account a bill will be automatically closed at the end of the day. Please specify if you need it to be closed with a specific document type and a company profile.

Click the 'Save' button to store the configurations and the 'Activate' button next to the Company name you have defined in Gastronovi settings to activate the interface.

Interface specifics and things you need to know:

Due to Gastronovi's infrastructure(HotAPI) specifics, the connection is not in real-time - the data is synced within about 10 minutes and hence some delays may occur. Please be aware of the possible edge cases:

  • If a guest transfers a charge to the room and wants to check out immediately, the charges may arrive with some delay and when they do, the booking may be checked out already, and charging to the room will not be possible. You will be notified with a To-Do if such a case will be created so you can handle it;
  • If a company folio is created or the company is configured not to accept charges while a new charge from Gastronovi is about to be transferred this charge will not be transferred successfully and a To-Do will be created so you can handle it.
  • Since the discount is applied as a single line in Gastronovi we will transfer it as one line per each VAT group for the bill in order to have the correct tax reports. If the discounted customer's bill has two VAT groups the discount will be represented as two negative charges for the respective amount and VAT group;
  • The Checkout day transfer is done as you close the day and the Clock POS revenue date is changed following the change in Gastronovi. Since Gastronovi's close time is flexible and may be changed which will affect the past dates as well as the future ones it may lead to report inconsistency if you compare newly generated reports from Gastronovi for past dates. 
  • If the transferred bill is voided, negative charges will be added to the folio where it was originally transferred;
  • Quantities of items might differ initially differ In case of mixed payments for the bill in Gastronovi - e.g. 1x3 EUR coffee has 1 EUR paid cash and 2 EUR transferred to the room. In this situation, 0.67x 3 EUR will be transferred to the room bill, while 0.33x 3 EUR will be transferred at the end of day transfer.

Consolidated reporting

The charges transferred from Gastronovi can be filtered in the charge reports (Charge Summary Report) using the Source filter. When you set the Source filter to 'Transferred', you will see only the charges transferred from Gastronovi. When the Source filter is set to 'Not Transferred', the transferred charges will be excluded from the charge reports.

If you use the 'Daily Revenue Transfer' option, you are able to generate one report from Clock PMS+ that will contain all revenue information: revenue from Clock PMS+; room transfers from Gastronovi remaining revenue F&B(bills paid cash/card).

In order to see this information, you must select both your Clock PMS+ and special Clock POS account in the Charge Summary Report and set the 'Source' filter to  'Not Transferred'.

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