Folio/Document Operations

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In this article, we will examine what the possible operations are that can be performed with open and closed folios. To execute any of the operations listed below, you will first need to open the folio for review. All options can be found through the Issue button. Here is what you have:

Folio/Document Void (3)

The void operation is both possible for open and already closed folios. As a result, the whole folio with all its charges and payments is voided. The void of the closed folio leads to the void of the issued document. To confirm the operation, you are required to enter a void reason.

Important: The Void operation for the folio is controlled through the PMS+ right->Folio: Void.

Full correction of a document (2)

The Full correction operation is available only for closed folios. The result of its use is the creation of a correction folio in addition to the original one. The correction folio contains all charges of the closed folio, but having a negative quantity. You have the option to make changes to the services in the correction folio before activating it. For example, if you void part of the services in the correction folio, you will already have a partial instead of full correction of the original folio. To activate the correction, it is necessary to close the folio:

  • Close the folio as usual through the Issue->Close button;
  • Select the document type, if you wish to issue such one after the correction.

Important: The Full correction operation is controlled through the PMS right->Folio: Create Correction Folio.

Duplicate folio (1)

The Duplicate folio feature is available for open, closed and voided folios. It is applicable for standard and correction folios. The result of its use is the creation of a new open folio containing all charges of the original folio (the payments in the folio ARE NOT duplicated).

Example: Here are some examples in which this feature is useful:

  • Void of a mistaken document that needs to be reissued - by duplicating the voided folio, you will very quickly create a new correct document without having to add all charges again;
  • Full correction of a document - similarly, if you need to create the document again, the Duplicate folio feature will speed up the process for folios with multiple charges.

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