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For your guests' convenience, location maps of the respective units (hotels, apartments, villas, etc.) can appear on the booking confirmations they receive. The location maps will be shown right beside the confirmation details on your booking confirmation letters.

Setup of Location Maps

In order to have a location map shown on your booking confirmations, the first step is the creation of the location maps of your units. Then you can easily set the PMS to show these location maps on booking confirmations for the respective units.

  • From the navigation menu, go to Settings->All Settings->Rooms->Locations
  • Click the '+' button
  • Enter the map's name in the Name field (so that you can easily identify in the list of location maps)
  • In the search field enter the address of the respective unit and click the 'Search' button.
  • Google Map will show the location corresponding to the address.
  • Click the 'Place mark in the center', so that Google Map pinpoints this location. You can adjust the exact location by manually moving the mark. You can zoom in for greater accuracy
  • Click the 'Save' button.

Single Location

For the units having one location only (hotels), you need to set one location map only, i.e. the hotel map. You specify the location as a hotel map with the hotel creation or later on by opening its edit screen and ticking 'Main location (hotel map)' checkbox.

Here is how a standard booking confirmation would look like upon setting the hotel location:

Multiple Locations

And when you operate with multiple units or unit types in different locations (apartments, villas, etc.), Clock PMS+ lets you use an individual location map for each of these units or unit types, which map is then shown on the related booking confirmations.

Example: If you have set up the main location map of the hotel, you also accommodate guests in villas having a different location, the confirmation email to the guest having booked villas will contain  their location.

Individual Units

When each booking unit is situated at a different location, set the respective location map for each of them:

  • Go to Settings->All Settings–>Rooms->Rooms
  • Select the respective room (unit)
  • On the room (unit) edit screen, choose the corresponding location map from the dropdown menu of the Location field
  • 'Save'

Unit Types

If the units of a certain type are situated at a different location from the rest of the hotel rooms, set a location map in the respective type:

  • Go to  Settings->All Settings–>Rooms->Room Types
  • Select the respective room type (unit type)
  • On the room (unit) type edit screen, choose the corresponding location map from the dropdown menu of the Location field
  • 'Save'

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