Clock PMS+ Update (09 Mar 2023)

Modified on: Thu, 9 Mar, 2023 at 2:32 PM


New Features

  • SynXis - Improved two-way integration

We are delighted to announce the new SynXis interface. The two-way integration is now certified and the pilot tests in real environment have been completed.

In addition to the standard features - booking import, export of restrictions, prices and inventories, the new interface allows you to sync bookings, profiles and export blocks.

  • Export from Clock PMS+ to SynXis:
    • Export for a period of 365 days is supported, including prices, restrictions and inventories;
    • When exporting rates, the restrictions belonging to the following types: Min Stay, Max Stay, Min stay (arrival) , Max stay (arrival), STOP, Closed for Arrival/Departure, are taken into account.
    • The prices being sent to the partner can have a flat Room structure or have a more complex one based on the Number of guests (depending on the occupancy). To use the Occupancy adaptable model, it is necessary to use rates containing a Guest offset. Through this model, you could optimise the mappings and considerably decrease the number of products.
    • The new interface offers two-way exchange of bookings between Clock PMS+ and SynXis. If working simultaneously in both systems, you could enable this feature to keep the data as synced as possible. 
    • In addition, the synchronisation of the data of guest and Company/Agent is also achieved through the export of bookings from Clock PMS+ to SynXis. Info of the edited and newly created profiles will be transferred to the partner when exporting the respective booking. To avoid duplicated profiles as a result of the data exchange, we have developed a special profile recognition mechanism.
    • We have created another innovation for channel managers - export of blocks. Blocks having a set code and prices can be sent to the partner. We also provide an option for syncing already existing blocks, i.e. those created prior to the connection activation. Bookings received for such a block  are linked to the respective Company/Agent, as well as block. This alone decreases the number of blocks available for sale.

The Blocks Feature is still in a BETA version. If you are interested, please contact the Support Team for more details.

More info of the data export through the new interface, as well as about how it works can be found here.

  • Transfer to Company/Agent folio- we have added a new tool for better management of booking charges related to companies/agents. Through the new option, you can easily transfer all charges coming from the rate to a folio of your choosing belonging to a Company/Agent specified in the booking. In contrast to the rest of the transfer options, here the transfer can be made in case of an already existing  booking.
    • Changes related to the transferred charges, e.g. a stay period change, rate, etc., are directly reflected in the transfer folio. All newly arising charges will be created in the transfer folio.
    • At any time you could change the folio, and the existing charges, if in an open folio, will automatically be transferred to the newly chosen one.
    • If new charges arise or you need to change the existing ones, but the transfer folio is already closed, you receive an error message, as the operation cannot be completed. In this situation, you could select a new transfer folio for the booking where the changes to be reflected or you can remove the transfer option. In this case, the corrections will take place in the booking folio.
    • To charge booking services directly in a folio of an Agent/Company, select the position and indicate the specific transfer folio. On the list, all open folios of the Company and/or Agent selected in the booking will be visualised.  For each booking, you  can select one transfer folio. Folios related specific arrivals or early bookings can be created in advance. Please note that the Company/Agent you would like to work with should be enabled to receive charges.

Coming soon: The charge transfer feature is the first step to the optimisation of the process of invoicing tour operator bookings. The next step will be the feature for the easy setting of the new transfer to multiple bookings and company folio linking.

  • The new report - Company Booking Charges by Reference
    • The report gives you info of charges arising from the booking rate, related to a given Company or Agent. The charges are shown regardless of the folio in which they are. Only the charges related to the rate selected in the booking are included, all other charges like automatic charges for room types, manual charges or POS transfers are not taken into consideration.
    • You can filter the results by date of arrival or departure, as well as to combine with the Reference date. This way you can easily find the specific group of bookings and retrieve the info of the amounts due for early bookings of a specific tour operator  .
    • The results are grouped by date of arrival/departure (depending on the selected filter), Reference (number and date) and Booking. As for each level, there is a total amount added, as well as the grand total for the whole group.
    • In the ideal case, where the booking rate charges for a given company are already transferred to folios of the same company (closed or not), the amounts of both reports (Company Booking Charges by Folios & Company Booking Charges by Reference) with similar filters should be equal. The exception to this rule would only be the amounts of the charges not coming from the rates of the booking - fees, services, etc..


  • Accounts Receivable Report & Closed Folio Report  - optimised company search mechanism.
  • Custom Payment Provider - now you can clearly specify which operations to be supported. Depending on the URLs entered in the settings, you now control which options to be visible to customers - credit card payments, alternative payment methods and/or terminals (when working with a Kiosk). Please note that the Credit card position is selected in the guarantee policy, even if your payment provider doesn't support credit card operations, in certain situations, the standard credit card form will be visible in BookDirect. The credit card details will be recorded for the respective booking and can be used for subsequent payment operations.
  • Block Pickup Report-  export to Excel added.


  • Booking guaranteeing through adding a credit card is now reflected in the Change Log.


  • Swedish fiscalization - The tax value was sent instead of the tax percentage to the fiscal service and that is now fixed.
  • Swedish fiscalization - The bill receipt is generated strictly according to the Swedish regulations (SKVFS 2021:17).
  • AJPES - The export screen used to show the time for certain columns in the wrong time zone and it is now fixed.
  • HESTA -   You can now configure the BFS identifier (BUR) code you received from the authorities. Fill it in the BFS field identifier (BUR)(next to the period of the export) so it will be exported in the respective field (EstBurNr) in the XML file.
  • INSEE - The export has been adjusted to export values matching the ones of Bednight Report.

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