Clock PMS+ Update (16 Jan 2024)

Modified on: Wed, 17 Jan, 2024 at 8:23 AM


New Features

Tablets/Signature Pads 

Switch to paperless registration cards! With the new feature, you can use each tablet to replace the paper registration cards with electronic ones. You can fix the tablet on a stand at the reception, opposite the guest or leave it free - it is up to you. You can use one or several tablets, if you have more receptionists. Each tablet is suitable, provided it has a modern browser and internet. The Signature Pad feature comes at no extra cost. Here is how you can use it:

  • You need to register the tablet(s) as a Signature Pad. See more info about the steps below.
  • In Clock PMS+, find the guest's booking and open it.
  • If necessary, create a new registration card. Click the "Signature" button in the registration card row.

  • The first time, you will need to select which of the registered tablets to be used for requesting the guest's signature. Select the tablet from the "Tablet" field and click the "Request Signature" button;

  • Your guest will see the following info on the tablet:
    • Hotel Policy description;
    • "I agree with the policies." checkbox;
    • A field for the guest to sign.
  • After the guest signs and clicks ОK, you will see his signature on your screen. That's all. Exit the screen and proceed with the next registration card.

We have taken a minimalist approach to the information we show the guest. We only show the description of the HOTEL policy, so that the card can be signed prior to the entry of the personal details in it. This way you can complete it later on. We look forward to your feedback on this matter. If you think that the hotel policy only is not enough, but it is necessary for the whole registration card to be shown the way it will be printed out, please contact our Support Team and register an improvement suggestion. Thank you!

Registration of a new tablet as Signature Pad

  • On the tablet, open Clock PMS+ and log in. Please do not forget that you need your subscription serial number as the tablet is a new device.
  • From the navigation menu, select Settings→All Settings(new), and from the 'Guest Engagement' group, click 'Tablets / Signature Pads' setting;
  • Click the '+' button to register the tablet.
  • Enter the Name field to be able to recognise the tablet, if using more than one tablet.
  • You can select a background image to be shown when the tablet is not used. The background image can also be added later on from the tablet edit screen.
  • On the tablet, a grey, empty screen or the background image will open. The app is configured and started.
  •  Complete process with the next step:

Important: Create a shortcut or add the current address to your browser favourites. This way you will be able to re-open the  'Signature Pads' app. If you miss to create the shortcut, please delete the tablet and add it again to reach this step.

  • For your security, you are automatically logged out of Clock PMS+. When using the 'Signature Pads' app, it does not require a logged-in user, and, respectively, there is no risk of unauthorised use of Clock PMS+ by other persons.
  • In case the tablet is stolen or lost, it is necessary to do the following: Go to the 'Tablets / Signature Pads' settings again and delete the tablet from there. This way you will remove its access to Clock PMS+ and forbid the use of 'Signature Pads' from it.
  • For your convenience, we have also added a direct link to the Signature Pad translations located under the list of tablets.


  • Events - in connection with the forthcoming release of the new improved Event screens, we have introduced some novelties that will also be part of the new logic. When changing the period of the event period or the related meeting room and catering bookings, the service date of the charges in the open folios will automatically change in accordance with the new period. To the event charges, a date offset in accordance with the period will apply. With the meeting room and catering bookings, the service date of all the charges in the open folios will be changed in accordance with the new start date.


  • Event with the following period 10.02 - 12.02
    • Charges for the dates 11.02, 12.02
    • After the change of the start date to 15.02
    • The charge dates will respectively change to 16.02, 17.02
  • Catering/Meeting Room for the date 11.02
    • Meeting room and catering charges with dates 11.02, 12.02
    • After the change of the start date of the activities to 16.02
    • The charge dates related to the activities respectively change to 16.02, 16.02.
  • Booking Import from CSV file - if a guarantee option is selected in the rate, it will automatically be transferred to the newly created ones as a result of the booking import. The Guarantee policy is only taken from the Rate level, the ones selected at the Season and Day levels are not used.
  • Booking Enquiry  - transfer of Marketing segments. We have also unified the behaviour of the bookings created from the system back end to be similar to the ones created through the WRS on the basis of Booking Enquiry, so that the marketing segments, set in the rate are transferred.
  • Bookings - we have added the booking number as well as the current status to the Edit screen.


  • Quantities - a fixed bug causing the value corrections to the charges in the correction documents to add a wrong quantity  to the reports, e.g. to the Inventory Items Report.
  • Tour Operator contracts - it was possible to add room types with intervals at the beginning or the end of their names to the contracts which led to incorrect price calculations.
  • Folios (new version) - the search by payer (an Expected or Checked-in booking) has been corrected when transferring charges, so that all possible results are found;
  • Fast Folio Search (old version) - a corrected view so that all results from the search are visible on the screen.
  • Guarantee options - a fixed bug where a negative quantity charge, which is used to calculate the required deposit, was causing a problem with the booking visualisation.


  • booking_guests endpoint of pms_api now supports guests deletion and is fully consistent with the capabilities of the user interface. For more information and examples, please refer to the API documentation.
  • LightSpeed L Series Integration - The payment type list has been updated for LightSpeed L Series. Please review the configurations and adjust the mapping, if necessary, according to the payment types you use. Please note all payment types used in LightSpeed that are not mapped will be transferred as cash with the end of the day transfer.
  • Lightspeed POS K series - In some cases the end-of-day transfer failed due to zero amount payments. The import process is optimised and it now handles those cases.
  • Private Analytics export schedule has been updated. The synchronization of the data will be done as soon as possible after the financial date completion (regardless if it is completed manually or automatically). The new schedule guarantees the data will arrive earlier and all changes for the previous days will be included!
  • QuickBooks Online export - In some rare cases the rounding discrepancies occurred and the Unit Price multiplied by Qty did not match the Amount. Now the export mechanism has been improved and such situations are avoided.


  • HESTA export - Hesta accepts additional statistical information such as additional guest details and turnover calculations. The additional information is optional and it is up to each property to decide whether they wish to share it or not. However, the change required a HESTA export to be designed. It may be found by going to Reports-> All Reports-> Localizations-> Swiss Hotel Statistics Report – HESTA-> Settings:

  • BFS Identifier (BUR) - Fill in the property code you have received by Hesta;
  • Include additional guest details - Enable if you wish to share additional information about guests with Hesta such as ZIP-code of the guests, purpose of the trip and the booking channel;
  • Include turnover calculations - Enable if you wish to share the segmented generated NET revenue from revenue groups ROOMS, F&B and EXTRA with Hesta;
  • Marketing segments map - Select the supported Hesta value (Personal, Professional, Unknown) for each Marketing segment from your account. If a Marketing segment is not mapped, it will be exported as Unknown;
  • Marketing source map - Select the supported Hesta value (Personal, Professional, Unknown) for each Marketing source from your account. If a Marketing source is not mapped, it will be exported as Unknown.

Once configured, you can use the Export option (NOT Export (old)) to export the data with or without the optional data.

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