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The Adyen Dropin functionality opens up for you the ability to offer various payment methods to your guests different than paying with a Credit/Debit card. 

The supported alternative payment methods are:

  • Google Pay (googlepay)
  • Apple Pay with 'Adyen's Apple Pay certificate' (read below for configuration guidelines)
  • Bancontact mobile
  • Bancontact card
  • iDeal
  • Vipps
  • Trustly
  • Swish
  • MobilePay
  • PayPal

If you would like to make use of this option, please consult with your Adyen account manager or Adyen Support team at for enabling those methods in your Adyen account.


Once the needed payment methods have been enabled by Adyen, please follow these steps:

In Adyen:

1. Log in to your account and from the navigation bar on the left select Developers -> API credentials.

2. Open the 'Webservice'(ws) user that you created following the guidelines detailed HERE.

3. Scroll down to the 'Client Settings' section' and click on 'Generate New Client Key'.

4. Copy the generated key and save the configuration.

5. In section 'Allowed origins' enter your Clock PMS+ URL ending after the '.com'

Example: If your Clock PMS+ URL is in the Allowed origins field enter:

Important: You should add your website URL as well - e.g.

In Clock PMS+

6. Go to Settings -> All settings -> Payment processing -> Adyen v2 -> edit 

7. Paste the key that you copied in step 3, in the field 'Dropin client key'

8. Make sure you have selected 'enable Drop-in'

9. Select which Drop-in payment methods you will offer.

10. Save

Once done, when guests need to make payment, they will have the option to choose:

  • pay with a card, in which case they directly enter the details in the form proceed
  • pay with an alternative method, in which case they will be redirected to a page hosted by Adyen and proceed with completing the payment through the alternative method.

Note: Since such alternative methods do not involve credit/debit cards, you will not receive a credit card (token) in the booking.

Apple Pay Configuration

Apart from adding Apple Pay as a payment method in your Adyen account (contact Adyen support team to assist), there are additional configurations that need to be done on your website in case you have integrated the BookDirect using the 'Inline integration'. If you are using an 'External integration' for the BookDirect, you don't need to do any more configurations on your website.

Enable Adyen's Apple Pay certificate

Please follow the guidelines outlined in Adyen's article.

Host the domain association file

When using Inline integration for the BookDirect, please follow the instructions outlined in Adyen's article to host the 'domain association file' on your domain/s and whitelist Apple's and Adyen's IP addresses.

Adding your 'shop websites'

When adding Apple Pay as a payment method in Adyen you will be asked about 'Shop websites'. In both the test and Live Adyen customer area, please make sure you add:

  • all your website domains on which you will embed the BookDirect (in case of inline integration).
  • your Clock PMS+ server URL - e.g. Please make sure you add the URL with the correct server on which your account is hosted. A best practice is to copy the URL from your ClockPMS+ account and delete everything after (required regardless of the integration type).

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