GERMANY - Necessary documents for a POS tax audit

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In this article you will learn about the documents you need to provide to in case of a tax audit according to KassenSichV. The taxpayer is solely responsible for the legal evidence during a POS audit:

1. Proof of TSS like purchase or contract.

2. Connection to the TSS evidenced by test receipts

3. Use of a certified TSS (certificate with all documents, see below).

4. TAR-/DSFinV‑K Exports

5. Process documentation

1. Proof of TSS like purchase or contract.

If your TSS purchase is reflected in the contract with Clock PMS+ you can use this contract as proof of purchase.

2. Connection to the TSS evidenced test receipts

You can also generate a test sale as proof.  The receipts can be checked using the fiskalcheck app from fiskaly.

3. Use of a certified TSS

The certification of the technical security system is evidenced by the following documents: 

    1. Certificate according to TR-03153, 

    2. Certificate of Conformity 

    3. Notice of conformity

    4. Environment protection concept

Note: For the proof of certification to be valid, all of the above documents are required. If a document is missing, the proof is incomplete.

You can download all the required fiskaly Cloud TSS documents from fiskaly's website:

- TR-03153 certificate;

- Conformity statement;

- Certification report;

- Environment protection concept.

4. TAR-/DSFinV‑K Exports

To generate the DSFinV‑K Exports (TAR format), open:

  • Clock PMS+ Reports > All reports >  Localizations > German Fiscalization Reports
  • Clock POS    Management > Fiscalization > German Fiscalization Settings V2 > Reports tab

Define the period you with to generate DSFinV‑K Exports for (the From Date and To date ) and select CREATE DSFINVK 

A new record in Dsfinvk Reports will be added and it's preparation will begin. Once the DSFinV‑K Exports (TAR format) is ready a download button will appear on the already created record.

We are currently working on this feature and will make it available as soon as possible.

5. Process documentation

The support article GERMANY - Specifics of the German Fiscalisation Feature in Clock PMS+ describes the fiscalization process in detail.

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