This setting requires users to have right 'Settings' granted and an active MFA!

From the navigation bar, go to 'Other...' - 'Settings' - 'Account info'.

Fill in some basic information about your property ( Name, Capacity, Category, Web Site )

  • Time Zone. Select the time zone of you property. All date/time fields will be localized according this zone.
  • Hotel E-Mail. This e-mail will be used as reply-to address in all e-mails sent to your clients. Additionally, it will be used for all system e-mail massages (New booking from WBE, Booking cancellations made by clients, etc.)
  • Housekeeping email. This email is used for receiving housekeeping requests made by guests. If empty, hotel email will be used instead
  • Guest email BCC. A copy of each message sent by Clock PMS+ will be received at this email address. This way you keep a separate archive of all sent messages.

Billing Info

Fill in the billing details of your company. This information will be used in your invoice and bill print-outs as 'Supplier' info. Empty fields will not be printed.

  • Second ID. Use this field if local authorities require additional company identification to be printed in your invoices/bills.
  • Additional Billing Info. Fill in any additional information that is required for 'Supplier'.

Billing Info Link 

Fill in the billing details which to be used in the Billing To section, if the client is anonymous (an individual customer). Typically these are non-resident folios.