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From the navigation menu, go to Settings->All Settings->Hotel->Account info.

Fill in some basic information about your property (Name, Category, Web Site, Location)

  • Time Zone. Select the time zone of your property. It is a very important setting. All date/time fields will be localised according to this zone.
  • Hotel Email. This email will be used as a reply-to address in all emails sent to your clients. The 'sender' email address by default is Please make sure you read Default Hotel Email Address if you wish to change the 'noreply@..' address with an address of your choice. Additionally, the 'Hotel email'  will be used for all system email messages (New bookings from BookDirect, Booking cancellations made by clients, etc.).
  • Housekeeping email. This email is used for receiving housekeeping requests made by guests. If empty, hotel email will be used instead
  • Guest email BCC. A copy of each message sent by Clock PMS+ will be received at this email address. This way you keep a separate archive of all sent messages.

  • Search tags. Tags are useful subscriptions having a large number of accounts. For each account, you can set one or more tags (separated through a comma), by which you can then search for properties on the Home screen with all accounts in the system. For example, if in your subscription you have properties located on different continents, you can set a tag for the properties on the continent to be filtered together.

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