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Full synchronisation of profiles (import and export) is performed when the booking exchange mode is 'Full Sync'. Under the 'Import Only' mode, only data import from SynXis to Clock PMS+ is performed. In this case, a change to the profiles made in Clock PMS+ will not be reflected in the SynXis system.

The recognition of profile types is done through the ProfileType parameter:

  • Guest (Customer) - ProfileType="1"
  • Contact Person (Booker Profile) - ProfileType="21"
  • Company (Corporation) - ProfileType="3"
  • Agent (Travel Agent) - ProfileType="4"

Guest Profiles and Contact Person

  • The data of the Primary Guest and Accompanying Guests in the booking is processed. The distinction of the different profiles in a booking is made based on the @PrimaryIndicator parameter.
  • Info of the transfer of the booking (Transfer Arrival (SynXis - ArrivalTransport) & Transfer Departure (SynXis - DepartureTransport)) is retrieved from the profile of the Primary Guest
  • The exchange of data of guests and contact persons include: 
    • Title (SynXis - NamePrefix);
    • First Name (SynXis - GivenName);
    • Middle Name (SynXis - MiddleName);
    • Last Name (SynXis - Surname);
    • Phone/Fax (SynXis - Telephone);
    • E-mail (SynXis - Email);
    • Address (SynXis - AddressLine);
    • City (SynXis - CityName);
    • State (SynXis - StateProv);
    • PostCode (SynXis - PostalCode);
    • Country (SynXis - CountryName).

Companies and Agents

The info contained in 'IATA Number' and 'Channel manager search code' fields is used for the search when importing and exporting data to SynXis. We recommend that no manual changes are made after the field is completed with data related to the SynXis system.

The data exchange includes:

  • Name (SynXis - CompanyName);
  • The following contact info is taken from the 'Contact Info' section in the Company/Agent profile: 
    • Email (SynXis - Email);
    • Phone (SynXis - TelephoneInfo);
    • Fax (SynXis - TelephoneInfo);
    • Address (SynXis - AddressLine);
    • City (SynXis - CityName);
    • PostCode (SynXis - PostalCode);
    • State (SynXis - StateProv);
    • Country (SynXis - CountryName).   
  • Agents - the export of IATA numbers is supported only for the profiles of this type.

Profile Recognition Mechanism

We have developed a special profile recognition mechanism aimed at minimising the creation of identical profiles (duplicates) in both systems. If a profile has been part of an exchange between Clock PMS+ and SynXis, unique IDs will be recorded in the database. Prior to each import/export of bookings or blocks containing data of profiles, a match check is performed. 

  • In case that an ID is found, it is linked to the respective profile:
    • If there is a change to the data of a profile, it will be updated respectively in Clock PMS+ or SynXis.
  • If no match is found:
    • During import - a new profile is created and it is linked to the respective booking/block;
    • During export - it is sent as a new profile, and as a result, this profile will be created in SynXis;
    • New ID, as well as the profile is recorded in the database for further use.

The unique IDs are recorded and exchanged between Clock PMS+ and SynXis for the above mechanism to work efficiently. 

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