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Depending on the selected work mode, the booking exchange can be one- and two-way (import/export).


Import Specifics

  • Booking already having the Checked-In status in the system of Clock PMS+ can no further be changed by SynXis.
  • Whether the XML price includes tax or not is determined in compliance with your tax mode (Tax included in prices/Tax not included in prices).
  • The Currencies coming from the XML file by SynXis (the 'CurrencyCode' mode) are taken into consideration when bookings and their charges are created.
  • The booking import includes:
    • Period;
    • Room type;
    • Rate;
    • Guest profiles (main and additional ones);
    • Company;
    • Agent;
    • Contact person;
    • Guest number;
    • Extra services;
    • Notes - depending on their types, they are saved as Notes or Client Requests in the booking;
    • Client requests;
    • Credit cards;
    • Promotional codes - they are added in the Notes;
    • Transfer data - ArrivalTransport & DepartureTransport;
    • Marketing source.

Important: Tax data is not imported, it is determined in the settings of your Clock PMS+ account.    

Extra Services when importing bookings

Note: The extra service import feature is still a BETA version, if you wish to use it, please contact our Clock PMS+ Support Team.

  • Only the extra services marked as Inclusive="false" are processed (i.e. only the services not included in the room price);
  • Tax - the tax mode of your Clock PMS+ account is used for the calculation of the prices;
  • Only extra services having a price are imported, all of the rest are omitted;
  • The charge template used for the creation of a Clock PMS+ calculation is taken from the mappings on the 'Charge templates/Extra' page. If no match is found, the default template from 'Settings'-'Default charge template' is used. 
  • Quantities:
    • If in the received XML, there is only one price, the quantity coming from the 'Quantity' tag in the XML is used;
    • If there is more than one price (e.g. extra services for adults and children having different prices) - then the quantity is determined based on the value in the 'NumberOfUnits' tag.
  • The "Start" tag is processed (package start date) - it is used for determining if a service is for each day or not. The specified date is used for the creation of the service in Clock PMS+  


Only the bookings with a room type included in the mappings are sent.

The booking export includes

  • Period;
  • Room type (the code from the mappings is used);
  • Rate (the code from the mappings is used);
  • Prices. Indication if they include tax or not depending on the 'Tax inclusive rate plan' setting from the mappings;
  • Block;
  • Guest number;
  • Guest data (main or additional);
  • Company;
  • Agent;
  • Contact person;
  • Booking notes (saved in the 'Notes' and 'Client Requests' fields);
  • Statuses - an update will be sent in case of a change of the status from 'Expected' to 'Checked-In'.

The booking export DOESN'T include

  • Extra services in the bookings, they are only exported;
  • Credit card data, such are only imported;
  • Transfer data, it is only imported.

Important: The guarantee and cancellation policies are managed in Clock PMS+ and are not imported/exported.     

Note: Upon changes to a booking, full data overwriting  is done in the SynXis system with the new data from the booking, i.e. the existing booking is deleted and a new one is created with the received data.

Automatic export

  • Automatic export to SynXis is triggered by the following booking changes: 
    • Status;
    • Room type;
    • Rate; 
    • Period (arrival and/or departure) ;
    • Adult number;
    • Children number; 
    • Block;
    • Company;
    • Agent.
  • Situations in which bookings are not automatically sentto SynXis:
    • Booking without room type;
    • Bookings linked to a block that hasn't been exported;
    • Bookings linked to a block without a code;
    • Bookings received from SynXis with extra services - changes to such bookings are not exported to SynXis;
    • Bookings, for which the previous request is not yet completed.

After the issue blocking the export of the booking is fixed, you can manually export it from the 'Sync' page.    

  • The export of a given booking is marked as Invalid (respectively, no info is sent to SynXis), when: 
    • The booking is without a room type;
    • The booking has a room type that is NOT part of the mappings;
    • The booking has a rate that is NOT part of the mappings.     
  • Export of bookings with manual prices only: 
    • Bookings are exported without a rate code (RatePlanCode), because there is no such one. Usually in such situations, SynXis returns an error in response to the request;
    • Prices are always marked ones including tax (AmountAfterTax).

Booking synchronisation

The two-way info exchange (data import and export) is used for achieving maximum synchronisation between the two systems (Clock PMS+ and SynXis). Under this mechanism, the changes made to the booking in one of the systems are reflected in the other one.

Example: If for a SynXis booking, a change is made to its status in Clock PMS+, e.g. from Expected to Cancelled, this status will be sent to SynXis, and the booking will also be cancelled in their system. Similarly, if for a Clock PMS+ booking, a change to the stay is made in SynXis, this change will be added to Clock PMS+, and the stay will be updated.

Booking exchange specifics

  • During the import, the tax mode of your Clock PMS+ account is taken into account. Based on it, the price from the AmountBeforeTax tag or the AmountAfterTax tag is retrieved, and, if needed, the necessary calculations are made.
  • During the export, the 'Tax inclusive rate plan' mappings setting of the booking rate is taken into account. Based on it, the Gross Value or the Net Value + Taxes are exported. This info is sent to SynXis in the respective tags.
  • Export of bookings with related blocks:
    • To be able to export bookings with blocks to SynXis, it is necessary to have selected the 'export Blocks' setting;
    • The block selected in the bookings has to have a code. In the cases of bookings with blocks not meeting this requirement, these bookings are not sent to SynXis.
    • As a code of the rate selected in the booking the code of the respective booking is sent.
    • Price of a booking with a block:
      • If the rate selected in the booking is part of the mappings, then, during the export, the prices are marked as AmountBeforeTax (not including tax) or AmountAfterTax (including tax) depending on the 'Tax inclusive rate plan' mappings settings.
      • If the rate selected in the booking is not part of the mappings, then, during the export, the prices are marked as AmountBeforeTax (not including tax) or AmountAfterTax (including tax) depending on the default value selected in the interface settings ('Default block tax mode').
  • Import of bookings with related blocks:
    • When a booking is received from SynXis having a block code (InvBlockCode), the respective mapping to this code is searched in  Clock PMS+. If the code is found, the booking is created with the respective block. In the booking, the rate from the block will be assigned.
    • If no mapping between the code of the received block and the block codes in Clock PMS+ is found, the booking is created without a block and rate (there is a manual price only). In such a case, a warning is sent to SynXis.
  • Promotional Bookings - in case of receipt of promotional codes used for booking in the reservation system of SynXis, they are registered in the booking's notes as “Promotion: ******”.
  • Marketing Source is automatically completed with a different value to the default one, if, in the received XML, there is info of the specific channel via which the booking is made - Source/BookingChannel/CompanyName section.

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